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Azamara Club Cruises is one of the newer cruise lines, but guests will enjoy the luxurious and premium cruise experience in the small ships. The suites have a personal English butler, who is available to ensure you are always comfortable and have everything you need during the voyage.

Above all, Azamara Club Cruises believes providing guests with special and unique experiences during their cruise vacation. You get to enjoy extended stays at the ports of call which are not visited by cruise lines with larger ships. You can even visit unique destinations in Scandinavia, Australia, Far East, and the Mediterranean.

Azamara Club Cruises excels in providing outstanding service aboard its ships and each guest enjoys personalized attention from the staff. This makes the cruise more memorable and enjoyable. During your trip, you never have to worry about gratuities as they are part and parcel of the deal. Even beers, wines, and spirits are part of the entire package, thereby allowing guests to save money and maximize their enjoyment.

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