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Azamara has been providing a one-of-a-kind method to travel, which they refer to as Destination Immersion cruising, since the year 2000. The small, club-like Azamara cruise ships are able to access ports that are inaccessible to larger vessels, and if you are on board, you will get to see places that are not even on the itineraries of many other cruise lines. Azamara cruise ships make it simpler to get engrossed in the heart of local cultures at the smaller ports they visit, allowing for longer vacations, and providing more overnight stays than many other cruise lines do. Once you read the azamara cruise line reviews online, you can tell how happy the passengers are with their overall onboard experience.

Revitalize yourself onboard Azamara Cruise Ships

1. Azamara Cruise Ships

Azamara adventure can be felt across all seas, thanks to all the positive Azamara cruise ship reviews, their top-notch staff, and impeccable services.

Azamara cruise ship names are as follows:

The Azamara Onward℠ will be joining its fleet in the near future. The compact Azamara cruise ships are ideal for traversing seas, sailing into more intimate rivers, cruising along attractive canals, and docking at sites that larger ships cannot reach. Each of these smaller Azamara cruise ships can accommodate up to 700 passengers.

2. Azamara Cruise Ship Destinations

Azamara cruise ships broadly cover the following destinations — Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Northern and Western Europe, Panama Canal, South America, Transoceanic, and Maiden Ports.

Guests can easily decide their Azamara cruise ship itinerary by booking specially curated shore excursions for an exciting and enthralling traveling experience. There are three main types of shore excursions — Locales and Landmarks, Local Immersion, and Exclusive Experiences, with special activities.

3. Azamara Cruise Ship Dining

At Azamara's specialty restaurants, you will experience a level of elegance and luxury that will make you feel on top of the world. Take advantage of these fantastically discounted packages and head to the top floor to dine at Prime C and Aqualina.

These exquisite dining experiences include a wide variety of delectable options, such as meals served at the Chef's Table and five-course dinners coupled with luscious wines. You may taste a magnificent experience at a price that is more in line with reality, from lobster bisque to crème brûlée.

4. Azamara Cruise Ship Activities

Juke, jive, and swing to the infectious big band tunes that will make you tap your toes. Recline in comfort as Azamara provides a variety of exciting Broadway shows right here on the cruise for your evening enjoyment.

Live performances feature imaginative and surreal dance routines and a wide range of musical styles perfect for a romantic evening and a night on the town. Some variety is also added to the show with a special guest artist who does magic, comedy, or an unusual instrument.

5. Azamara Cruise Ship — Health and Fitness

In their brand-new Sanctum Spa, Azamara offers various services to help you feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Get a relaxing massage on the beach, a manicure, teeth whitening, or haircut service, or try out some acupuncture, which will help you relax and feel better.

In addition to the Sanctum Spa, there are many complimentary onboard fitness and nutrition workshops and the option of purchasing private, one-on-one training sessions.

6. Azamara Cruise Ship Amenities

Numerous services and facilities, such as gratuities, a variety of alcoholic beverages (including foreign beers and wines), bottled water, aerated beverages, coffees and teas, shuttle service to port areas, self-service laundry, concierge services, and a free destination event on every voyage, are provided to guests as part of their fare.

In addition to the luxuries mentioned above, guests staying in a suite may also take advantage of the English butler service, priority boarding and disembarking, complimentary seats in the hotel's specialty restaurants, afternoon tea delivered directly to their suite, and more.

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You are invited by Azamara Cruises to discover a world of locations at a slower pace, which will provide you with more time to absorb the landscapes and culture, both during the day and at night. You can relive the excitement of finding new things, thanks to the trip experiences, which are fuller and more immersive than others. Make your reservation at, and you will quickly discover the difference between “just traveling” and “traveling extensively”.

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