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Explore Azamara Cruise Departure Ports

Azamara Cruises has delivered a unique way to cruise travel experience since 2010 with popular and adventure departure ports. Azamara Club Cruises unlocks the world's hidden corners for those who wish to immerse themselves in the rich details of a cruise voyage. Yes, it's for real! With Azamara small-size cruises, you will visit destinations that are not even on the map for other cruise lines. Luxury vessels Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest offer an intimate experience while accessing remote ports of call that most vacationers long to see.

Are you excited about the best Azamara Departure Ports for your next vessel? Here, we have the best explanation for you regarding Azamara Cruise Line Departure Ports in depth.

Where are the Ports for Azamara Cruises?

Azamara Cruises offers a variety of special events in key cities, such as private concerts and overnight stays in fabulous ports. You will be surprised and thrilled by the history of each city, serving its unique cultures and festivals. Spend more time on Mykonos after midnight or gambling in Monte Carlo until dawn, thanks to longer calls and overnight stays.

1. Athens

Enjoy the capital and the largest city of Greece with monuments, cultural squares, museums, temples, markets, and beaches. The city is the home of the "National Archaeological Museum," which has the world's largest collection of ancient Greek antiquities. 

2. Auckland

New Zealand's biggest city, famous as the "City of Sails" and the main hub for cruises in the country. Auckland has a rich history, a unique natural environment, and a melting pot culture. The city is covered with rainforests, beaches, striking landscapes, parks, and beautiful islands.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona is a well-known tourist attraction, famous for its Spanish football club "FC Barcelona" and one of the best-preserved middle age cities in Europe. The Mediterranean city Barcelona has excellent beaches, good weather, vibrant cultural scenery, unique architecture, mountains, sea & most importantly delicious food and beautiful people.

4. Buenos Aires

The national capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a passionate, pulsating, cosmopolitan city. The city is filled with beautiful and various destinations, including European architecture, parks, a vibrant art scene, and museums. Buenos Aires is known as the "Paris of the South" and has world-class cuisine, vibrant entertainment, rich historical sites, renowned architecture, world-class shopping, and more.

5. Cape Town

Explore the oldest and capital city of South Africa. Cape Town is famous for "triple s - sun, sea, and scenery." The city is the most appealing destination for solo travelers and those who are interested in a nomadic lifestyle. You will be traveling and enjoying Barcelona, Athens, Dubai, Doha, Durban, and more by cruises from Cape Town. 

Top 5 Azamara Departure Ports

Whether sailing to Miami from Mumbai or Rio de Janeiro from Rome, Azamara cruises can take you anywhere in the world. With more extended stays, overnights, and night tours, their itineraries will make you want to travel more! Here are some of the top Azamara departure ports.

1. Azamara Cruises from Dublin

Dublin is a jewel and the most popular destination in Ireland. You will enjoy a wealth of historical sites, literary tradition, and culture, including the 1000-year-old Viking Village via Azamara Cruises from Dublin. From Dublin, you will sail to ports of major countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Norway. The city is exciting for both further excursions and conference activities.

Best Time to Visit: June through August

2. Azamara Cruises from Auckland

Auckland is the largest city in the North Island of New Zealand, home to the largest Polynesian population. The strongest culture in Auckland is European, which has many cultures to offer. There is a strong Pacific Islander and Asian influence along with the British and Irish. A popular sailing destination, many people own boats here, and many tourists sail over to explore the island. It's known as the "City of Sails" because of its large amount of sailing enthusiasts. Located between Waitemata and Manukau harbors, Auckland spans volcanic hills. A unique feature of Auckland is that it harbors two large bodies of water. A cruise to Auckland allows you to experience a wide range of cultural influences since it is such a vibrant and multicultural city.

Best Time to Visit: March to May and between September and November

3. Azamara Cruises from Istanbul

Located on both sides of the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul spans Europe and Asia. Even before Constantinople, Istanbul was Byzantium. For most of its history, Istanbul was the capital of the Byzantine Empire, and it was once the wealthiest city in Europe. A new Ottoman capital was established in 1453 when the city was captured. Islam expanded into this largely Christian city during this time. Get help planning your Istanbul cruise from our cruise experts.

Best Time to Visit: November to March

4. Azamara Cruises from Piraeus (Athens)

Athens, the cradle of Western Civilization, is accessible by cruise ships from Piraeus. Modern democracy originated in Athens. Social welfare programs were in place for Athenian residents during the 5th century. Philosophies, medicine, and history were all influenced by this peaceful time. Athens continues to modernize and make itself more approachable to cruisers while holding onto its past achievements. You can cruise to Athens and enjoy the city's past with an improved public transportation system and 10 miles of pedestrian-only streets.

Best Time to Visit: Between March and May and from September to November

5. Azamara Cruises from Southampton

Since the Mayflower set sail from Southampton for the New World carrying pilgrims seeking religious freedom, Southampton holds a special place in the history of the United States. England used Southampton as an embarkation port during wartime. Supermarine Spitfire fighter planes were also created here during WWII. Maritime and manufacturing activities are part of the town's economy today. Cruisers visiting Southampton, England, will surely be captivated by the city's remarkable history.

Best Time to Visit: May and September

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