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Cruises from Oslo

Oslo, Norway Cruises

Oslo, Norway Cruises

Oslo is a cozy chic city that offers a variety of comfortable excursions. The Royal Palace is one of the most famous sights for tourists. The Ice Bar is a novelty in Oslo. Get to know about the history and culture of the Vikings at the Viking Ship Museum. You can even bike around the city to get a local vibe. Vigeland Sculpture Park is arguably the unique garden you have ever seen.

Highlights of Oslo

With a view over the Oslo Fjord and the mountains surrounding it, Norway's capital, Oslo, is both exciting and beautiful. Despite its relatively small size, Oslo is a great place to explore and relax. This quintessentially Northern European city has the following highlights that make it a must-see.

1. The Natural Beauty

Oslo has an unbeatable location! The rugged landscapes and charming scenery of Scandinavia are well known. There is something magical about Oslo. Nordmarka forests, a fjord, and the sea surround the city, which lies at the northern end of Oslofjord. Off the coast of the town, there are a variety of fjord islands, each with its own unique environment and size. 

2. The Rich Culture

Visitors to Oslo will find a wealth of history, culture, and art to enjoy. Museums abound in the city; many of them are landmarks as well! A glacier rises from the water to form the Oslo Opera House. Edvard Munch, the Norwegian artist who created "The Scream," was born nearby, and his museum, the strikingly designed Munch Museum, honors his life and art. Check out the Ekeberg Sculpture Park and the National Gallery for the more incredible artwork. Munch is said to have found inspiration for "The Scream" in the park, a 30-minute walk from central Oslo. A fantastic open-air museum depicting Nordic life from the 1500s to the present can be found at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, the Viking Ship Museum, and the Fram Museum. 

3. Vibrant Music Scene

Oslo's vibrant music scene often gets overshadowed by the Oslo Opera House. Every year, Oslo hosts more than 5,000 concerts. Live music venues host international and local bands and artists throughout the city. One of the town's most popular annual music festivals is the Inferno Metal Festival, followed by Oslo World and Granittorock.

4. The Culinary Scene

A charming street-food scene and Michelin-starred restaurants ensure Oslo's culinary delicacies will tickle your tastebuds. Over 30 stores offer mouthwatering meals and snacks from local and international cuisines inside Mathallen Food Hall. The Maschmanns Food Market sells Norwegian and international products of high quality. In addition to Kontrast and Omakase Oslo, Maaemo is another option for a more upscale dining experience.

5. The Food

There is no better place in Oslo to eat than Mathallen. The Food Hall, or Mathallen, is home to 33 high-end shops and restaurants that showcase Norway's best. Norwegian food culture can be discovered here. Norway offers a variety of traditional and modern Norwegian delicacies throughout the city. As fusion cuisine becomes more prevalent in Oslo, kitchens have also grown in popularity. A table at Maaemo, Norway's first three Michelin-starred restaurants, would be a great choice if you're a foodie, have plenty of money, and plan your trip well in advance.

Interesting Spots to Visit

Norway's capital offers visitors a lot known for its unique culinary scene, hipster neighborhoods, and impressive architecture. With years of reinvention, Oslo has quickly become one of Europe's most popular destinations. You should do several things at least once - maybe twice - or more if you are visiting Oslo.

1. Explore Vigeland Sculpture Park

In Oslo's celebrated Frogner Park (Frognerparken), the Vigeland Sculpture Park (Vigelandsanlegget) is one of Norway's most famous tourist attractions. Gustav Vigeland's bronze, granite, and wrought iron sculptures are displayed throughout the year in this unique sculpture park. In total, there are 853 sculptures arranged around a theme along a long axis of 853 meters. The oldest fountain group depicting the human cycle is within a 16-meter-high Monolith, which consists of 121 intertwined human bodies. Aside from the expansive rose garden, a playground is the largest in the country, and numerous green spaces for picnics and recreation. Outside the park are the Vigeland Museum and the Oslo City Museum (Oslo Bymuseum).

2. Museum of Culture History

Oslo's Viking Ship Museum is one of the city's most popular attractions, as it also houses the Historical Museum. There are more Egyptian art pieces in the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History than anywhere else in the country. Objects like funerary objects and mummies are included here as well. It is equally impressive and intriguing to see the Medieval collection as well. As you walk through the museum, you'll be able to see coins that date back over 2,600 years.

3. Akershus Fortress

Oslo's history can be learned at Akershus Fortress. Built-in the late 13th century, the medieval castle defended Oslo from invaders. It was modernized and converted into a Renaissance castle and royal residence by a later Norse king located on the headland of Oslofjord. Today, it hosts concerts, ceremonies, and holiday celebrations despite no longer serving as a royal residence.

4. Tour the Royal Palace

Norway's Royal Palace (Slottet) dominates the cityscape and is high on Karl Johansgate. Four English-language guides are available each day during the summer for guided tours of the building's 173 rooms. Among the significant rooms in the palace are the Cabinet Parlour and Cloakroom, White Parlour, Mirror Hall, Great Hall, and Banquet Hall. A free tour of the grounds and gardens is also offered to visitors throughout the year, as is the opportunity to observe the regular changing of the guard. It is just south of the palace that the Nobel Peace Prize is presented at the Norwegian Nobel Institute (Det Norske Nobelinstitutt).

5. Norwegian Opera and Ballet House

The Norwegian Opera House is Norway's largest performing institution of music and arts, built in 1957 and located near the harbor, where visitors can enjoy a beautiful view. There seems to be a sense of height to the exteriors of the Opera house due to their angled shapes. Other famous artists will perform as well as Norwegian cultural performances. Around 60 talented dancers perform at the opera and can captivate the audience. Visitors are entertained by about 100 musicians and 50 professional singers at the house. Children and youngsters also have their own section, which is very famous.

When to Visit in Oslo?

During the summer, when the temperatures rise, and rooms are surprisingly affordable, it is best to visit Oslo.

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