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Cruises from Lima

Lima, Peru Cruises

Lima, Peru Cruises

With Lima as Peru's capital and South America's second-largest city, it is home to no shortage of attractions. There are many things to discover in Lima, including history and culture. A combination of tropical and desert climates can be found in Lima, located along the central Pacific coast of Peru. A city built on the coastal plain, surrounded by three rivers. As one of South America's most significant cities, it has always been a bustling metropolis. 

Lima's Highlights

Lima is a great city, with some unique attractions like national museums, colonial churches, plazas, and diverse neighborhoods. In Lima, Peru's capital, approximately 8 million residents live in an elegant, modern city. To learn more about Lima’ssignificant highlights, keep reading.

1. History

The flat land that is now Lima was labeled inhospitable by Francisco Pizarro in 1535. Lima became the center of Spanish power despite the great conquistador's verdict, a "city of kings" in which 40 viceroys served as the direct representatives of the King. Lima became the capital of Peru after independence in 1821. Nazca drawings are found in the world's driest desert near Lima. With Peru's history full of mysteries, perhaps these drawings are "the largest astronomy book in the world." Erik von Daniken's best-selling book "Chariots of the Gods" drew inspiration from these drawings.

2. Local Food of Lima

Lima is known as the Gastronomical Capital of the Americas for its culinary influences from Europe, Japan, China, and Africa. Due to its location, Lima has some of the world's top 50 restaurants. If you want to experience Peruvian food in its purest form, try the local coffee and chocolate; these are renowned around the globe, so they are doing something right!

3. Wonderful Colonial Architecture

It is a must-visit attraction for any traveler interested in colonial architecture, having begun construction in the year Lima was founded (1535). To create their masterpiece, the builders of this awe-inspiring building utilized only the finest materials, including real gold, to embellish the great altar. This is a classic example of the dominance of this style.

4. Shopping Near Port

Lima, Peru, has many shopping opportunities where high-end retail and tourist markets blend. The midday shopping period can be hit-or-miss because many shopkeepers take a long lunch. In addition to the Mercado Central, you can also find the Feria Artesanal at an affordable price, where you can find products made by local artisans. Check out the various markets in Lima, one of the top things to do. Miraflores is a popular tourist area in Lima where the Inca Market can be found. It is easily accessible from most hotels in the area. We suggest you check out one place that includes all of the best products to buy while in Peru, such as Pisco, Maras salt, chocolate, Peruvian textiles, and alpaca scarves and sweaters, in addition to several handcrafted items.

Interesting spots to Visit in Lima

Fishing boats in colorful colors blend in with the picture outside Lima.  Take a cruise to Lima and learn more about this fascinating city. Here is our list of the five best things to do in Lima, Peru, from epic off-road rides to adrenaline-pumping paragliding to unique culture and cuisine!

1. Palomino Island

There is another group of islands near the Callao port, known as Palomino. This group is well known for being home to many sea lions (about 5,000) and other species of birds such as seagulls, pelicans, and patillos.

2. The Oasis of Huacachina, an earthly paradise

It is a small older city in southern Lima, located in the desert. It has become an important tourist destination in the last few decades. It is rare to find a town in these conditions (similar to Egypt), and Huacachina is an excellent example of such a city. Huacachina relies on the existence of oases and tourism to survive; if you are not sure what to do in Lima, this is a great choice.

3. The Catacombs of San Francisco

If you are unsure where to go in Lima, this is the place. During colonial times, 36 thousand people were buried within the building's catacombs. The building dates back to the middle of the 17th century. Inside, there is a colonial and republican library. There is still a visible copy of the Declaration of Independence, and the Founding Act signed on July 15th, 1821.

4. The Balconies of Lima

A colorful colonial district in Lima Center is adorned with beautifully built wooden balconies. Decorative pieces like these make for amazing photographs but are also integral parts of Lima's history. Due to their role in making Lima's historical center a UNESCO site, they are considered cultural heritage items.

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