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Top 10 Beaches of Dubai - Beautiful Beaches in Dubai

Explore the 10 Best beaches in Dubai! Dive into our guide to explore golden sands, crystal clear waters, and ultimate adventure.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Dubai is a perfect place for outdoor adventures and holidays under the warm sun. Let us take a tour of the 10 stunning best beaches in Dubai and enjoy surfing in the water and soaking in the sun's rays in the middle of the desert.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Dubai You Must Visit

1. Kite Beach

Kite beach is quite famous among the locals and tourists in Dubai. Generally, it gets crowded during the weekends, but it is perfect for chilling and swimming during weekdays. The beach is clean and has multiple restaurants and free showers. Moreover, you do have the option to rent the sunbeds and umbrella to chill on the beach. It has a jogging track for joggers, a kid’s playground for playing, and a skate park.

Ticket Prices: Kite Beach is free and open to the public.

Excellent option for: Families, Adventure

Special Note: On Mondays and Wednesdays, the beach is reserved for females only (children allowed under 4 years of age).

2. La Mer Beach

La Mer Beach is a stylish beach with multiple restaurants, cinemas, stores, Water Park, and some beach activities. It is one of the best beaches in Dubai. A perfect place to enjoy the sun, sand, and shore. La Mer Beach is a spectacular beach destination that lies in the Jumeirah 1 region in Dubai that offers a stunning destination to unwind. So, make sure you visit the beach and enjoy watching the Arabian Gulf and a city of skyscrapers.

Ticket Prices: No Entrance Fee

Excellent option for: Couples, Families, and Food

Special Note: Best time to Visit La Mer Beach is November to February during the winter, around sunset.

3. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach’s popular name is Umm Suqeim Beach. The beach offers a charming view of the famous hotel Burj Al Arab. The sunset view from the beach encourages visitors to visit the place and stay for a long. It is a surf city for surfers with high waves. You can go jogging or walk alongside the shoreline and under the shadow of the hotel Burj Al Arab. The beach is perfect for morning and evening strolls with lush green gardens and parks.

Ticket Prices: No Entrance and Parking Fee

Excellent option for: Couples, Singles, and In-Budget

Special Note: For donating and borrowing books, there is a communal library.

4. Jumeirah Beach

The Jumeirah beach is in the south direction of the historic city Al Fahidi District. It offers a white-sand shoreline to the visitors. There is a cluster of high-end hotels, resorts, and restaurants along the shore, such as Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj Al Arab Tower. There are various water sports events that you can try, such as water surfing, jet skiing, kitesurfing, and many more. Moreover, you can rent a sun lounger and umbrellas.

Ticket Prices: No Entrance Fee & Timing 7 am to 11 pm

Excellent option for: Couples, Families, Photo, In-Budget

Special Note: Family-friendly hotels with lots of pools and a great kids club.

5. Mercato Beach

It is the best destination for all solitude lovers. Due to its location, you can find it quickly and, it is open to the public 24*7. The nearby food courts make it more attractive and stunning. The soft sand, clear water, and breeze make the perfect combination to relax and chill. The place is quite famous for visitors to Dubai.

Ticket Prices: Visited Free

Excellent option for: Photo, Budget, Single

Special Note: The Mercato Beach is popular among long-term Dubai residents. Change rooms are available for free. 

6. Aquaventure Beach

Beach is a part of a theme park in the Aquaventure waterpark. It is free to access for the people who go to the waterpark. It is around 700 meters long, with golden sand and pristine water. If you want to bask in the sun after an adventure waterpark trip, then this beach is for you.

Ticket Prices: Free If you Visit Aquaventure Waterpark

Excellent option for: Waterpark, Families, Adventure

Special Note: Cotton fabric in the park is not allowed in Water Park, so you should select polyester or nylon instead.

7. JBR Beach

When you visit Dubai, do not forget to visit the JBR Beach. It is a spot for all shoreline lovers on the bank of Jumeirah Residence confronting the Persian Gulf. On JBR Beach, you can hang out and unwind your work. Beach is always loaded with beach lovers and the sun. One can engage in water activities such as parasailing, banana boating, wakeboarding, and even camel rides on the beach.

8. Ghantoot Beach

Visit Dubai and not visiting Dubai beaches is not a good thing. Another beach on the list is Ghantoot Beach, located along the Sheikh Zayed Road towards Abu Dhabi. It lies on the private shoreline of the Golden Tulip Hotel. There are many water sports clubs on the shore for different water activities, including the banana boat ride. You can have a good time while playing volleyball on the beach with your loved ones.

Ticket Prices: Cost Approx. 30 AED.

Excellent option for: Families

Special Note: Famous for Holding Beach Parties

9. Azure Beach

In case you are looking for an escape from the city chaos, visit Azure Beach, Dubai. It offers its visitors fascinating views and vibes. The beach has been designed so beautifully that it attracts locals and visitors from a foreign land. Azure is another example of architecture depicting the luxury of Dubai. This beach allows you to experience a different level of relaxation and freshness in your mind and body.

Ticket Prices: 

Excellent option for: Families, Couples, Friends

Special Note: A fantastic nightlife, mouth-watering delicacies, and a poolside lounge offer a wonderful resort experience.

10. Barasti Beach

Barasti beach allows its visitors to lounge on the beach during the daytime, dance, and go wild at night. It ought to be on your travel list for the next visit to Dubai. Barasti Beach in Dubai is the only beach that serves alcohol and offers wild night parties. If you are a party animal plus a night owl, Barasti beach is a paradise for you.


So spend your entire sportive day at the different beaches, and enjoy all water activities, shopping, and dining in the local restaurants on the banks of the 10 best beaches in Dubai.

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