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5 Reasons to Take a Cruise to Iceland

Looking for a place to get away? Do not look any further, as Iceland has everything that you can wish for.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Located away from popular tourist destinations, Iceland used to be Europe's best-kept secret. However, this is not the case anymore as people have started to consider this beautiful place as a potential vacation spot. This terrain is best explored by a cruise as there are certain spots in the country only accessible by a ship or boat.


Cruises to Iceland are a great alternative vacation idea compared to going to a tropical location. This is because Iceland is majorly untouched and uncharted by people and thus has a distinct quality in terms of the landscape. This article will discuss the 5 major reasons you must opt for cruises to Iceland and Greenland for your next vacation destination.

Top Five Reasons to Cruise to Iceland

1. The Northern Lights

The northern lights are a phenomenon unlike any other you might have experienced in your life. Amongst the few places that experience this, Iceland is the best and most famous. Also known as Aurora Borealis, these dancing strings of light can mesmerize anyone. If you book cruises to Iceland, then you can take part in the experience of a lifetime. Get ready to be transported to the whimsical world, sitting and relaxing under the stunning northern lights.

2. The Midnight Sun

Iceland is located in the Arctic belt and hence experiences certain unexpected phenomena unknown to people around the world. One of such unusual occurrences is the midnight sun. During the summers, the sun does not set till after midnight. You can roam around the streets of Iceland in bright sunlight and would be surprised to know that it is past midnight. The sun rises again before 3 am, making for a memorable experience for every tourist. By booking cruises to Iceland you can experience this once-in-a-lifetime wonder of the midnight sun.

3. Cultural Cuisine

Every country in the world has distinct cultural cuisine that sets them apart. Iceland is no exception as it has historically relevant cultural significance that goes centuries back. You can experience the culinary marvels available in the country by booking cruises to Iceland and Norway. The Icelandic do not have many resources for natural ingredients, pertaining to the bizarre environment and atmosphere of the area. You would not find many vegetarian options in the local cuisine. However, for those who like to experiment with their tastebuds, Icelandic food can be a unique experience. Some of the famous dishes to be feasted upon during your cruise are Icelandic fish and seafood, hardfishkur, plokkfiskur, and humor. You can also try the Icelandic bread of several types: laufabraud, flatkaka, rugbraud, snudur, etc.

4. Wildlife

Like every other part of the world, Iceland also has a distinct wildlife variety. People fond of exploring exotic wildlife would be entranced with all that Iceland has to offer. By booking cruises to Iceland from the UK, you can go birdwatching in the country's beautiful landscapes. Some of the stunning creatures found in the area are northern waterfowls, puffins, golden-tufted Slavonian grebes, and red-necked phalaropes. These creatures add to the colorful tapestry of Iceland. The country is filled with beautiful wild animals which are not found anywhere else.

5. Glaciers

The most attractive feature of cruises to Iceland is the natural beauty phenomena scattered in the area. Glaciers, in their natural form, are extremely rare to see. Iceland is known for having massive glaciers that are still intact. On a cruise to Iceland, you can experience the awe these huge natural structures cause in people. Home to the largest glaciers in the world, Iceland has special cruises for tourists to see them up close. Make sure to book cruises to Iceland during the few times of the year the glaciers are open for the public to see.

In conclusion, cruises to Iceland must be on your list as a potential vacation plan. The reasons mentioned above are only a few compelling arguments to see this beautiful and distinct land of exquisite landscapes, wildlife, food, culture, and magic.

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