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Man Playing Billiards
Man Playing Billiards

10 Amazing Sports You Can Play On a Cruise Ship

Vacations on a cruise are supposed to be fun. Let us take a look at how to have fun through sports on a cruise ship.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Exploring new destinations around the globe, diving into the delicacies, and dipping your toe in the entertainment offered on a cruise ship, one should not forget to play. Sports are a great stress-buster that not only excites you but also rejuvenates you from within. Break a sweat or have a fun blast, cruise ships offer a range of sports that you can choose to play.

10 Sports on a Cruise Ship That You Should Not Miss Out On

1. Table Tennis

Is there a hidden ping-pong champion within you, or are you just fond of it? Table tennis is a fun game that is usually found on the ship deck or activities center on a cruise ship. Also, mini-tournaments at a cruise ship are a fun way to show everyone up at a ping pong table. Usually, you will find a table tennis area on the deck of every cruise ship.

2. Basketball

A high energy game to get past your daily worries is a well-chosen option. Generally, all cruise lines have a full-sized basketball court backed some fun tournaments between father and sons or girls vs. boys. The netted or fenced-in areas are designed to make you have all the fun without being worried about the ball flying into the ocean. You can also find separate time for different age groups to make you feel comfortable while playing.

3. Shuffleboard

One of the cruise line ship classic, shuffleboard, is always found somewhere at the top of the deck, which enables you to enjoy the views of the ocean while cruising. It is one of the most significant diversions from the rest of the high-energy sports on a cruise. Indulge in this game for some fun with your family while enjoying the scenic views of the horizon.

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4. Bocce Ball

One of the widely played sports, Bocce ball, is played on a lawn or yard. Generally, Viking cruise line ships have bocce courts with a natural park, which gives the most pleasing experiences that you can have on a cruise ship. It refreshes you to the core and also brings you close to nature under the beaming sun and soothing breeze.

5. Ice Skating

Ice Skating rinks with real ice are real fun. There are open-skate hours where you can strap on a pair of blades and enjoy a free-wheeling open-skating session. This is one of the best times that you can have on a cruise ship ice rink. Ice skating with fellow travelers becomes an exciting time to bond with new people from all walks of life. Having fun with real ice on the deck is something that you have to experience once in your lifetime.

6. Surfing

Would you like to indulge in some of the water sports? Surfing is one of a kind water sports which is fun and exhilarating. A powerful wave generating machine spills and thrills a person who rides the boogie board and gives an exciting experience on a cruise ship. Well, surfing is not an easy show. If you want to try, several learning sessions on the deck train you.

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7. Water Volleyball

The main pool and a volleyball tournament sound awesome. Well, it is one of the cruise ships sports that you must play while being on one. Have fun with your family while playing water volleyball in one of the main pool of the boat. It is one of the rewarding experiences that you can have on a ship. Having water games on a vessel is one of the exciting things that you should not miss out on.

8. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing walls are an iconic amenity that you can get on a cruise ship. The more challenging it is, you will find it more interesting. It is one hell of an adventure sport for youths to take part in. Extensive and challenging climbing walls of the Norwegian cruise lines are famous for their excellent rock-climbing experience. Don’t worry, there are various safety measures, and it is ensured that no one gets hurt on the ship while rock-climbing.

9. Croquet

Croquet is a historic English game that dates back to the 1850s. It is one of the joyous games played in open lawns of fields. Real grass, shimmering sun, and ocean swaying around you are what croquet offers you. All the equipment required to play the game is provided onboard. Whether you know how to play or not, you are still welcome to try your hands on.

10. Pool Table

A bottle of beer, the eye on the ball, and a stick in your hand are what sets the mood. Make yourself comfortable and have rounds of the game with fellow travelers on a pool table. A pool table works perfectly fine even on a moving ship as they are self-leveled.

Cruising is not only just sports, and there are ample other activities in which you can take part. But it is still recommended that you play on a cruise ship as it always gives room to make you have fun and give you the richest of experiences while cruising on a ship.

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