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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Aruba

Here we have shared the list of 10 beautiful beaches in Aruba that you must definitely visit with your beloved ones.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Imagine a place with pristine white sand that meets the turquoise sea can only be possible in Aruba. It is a place with the most beautiful beaches. It offers most luxurious resorts with water sports and breathtaking variety of beaches with something special for everyone.

Get away from the crowd and visit these ten beautiful beaches in Aruba.

1. Andicuri Beach

If you’re looking for a tranquil place to lay your head and soak up some rays then look no further than Andicuri Beach, Aruba. It is a hidden gem which gives you a happy escape from the crowd. It looks truly stunning because of it rocky cliffs and a shady spot that helps you to escape from the sun rays. It is located on the windward coast and is famous within locals. Just pack your picnic stuff for the day to feast on.

2. Arashi Beach

This beach is perfect for the people who want to escape from the crowd and water sports. It is located in the north of Aruba. You can get a car and visit this place. This place is best for awesome views, and great snorkelling spots is what makes this beach special. It is a bit rockier compare to Palm and Eagle, that makes it more gorgeous and perfect snorkelling destination.

3. Baby Beach

A beach on the southern tip of the island is Baby Beach, and you can take a cab or bus from the city area. It is an amazing place with white sand which is curving into a turquoise lagoon. This place is perfect for family vacations due to is calming atmosphere and shallow water. At the time of sunset, the bright yellow sun rays fall in the shores during the peak months. Recently it is updated with the facilities like palapas and restrooms.

4. Boca Catalina

If you’re are looking for the best place for snorkelling in Aruba, then head towards Boca Catalina. This coastline is rocky and reef-like, makes it more excellent spot to go for snorkelling. You can watch varieties of fishes like Butterflyfish, Blue Tangs and more. It is till the lighthouse of the California. There is a sandy bottom in the middle of the beach and is popular for swimming.

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5. Boca Grandi

Boca Grandi is another popular beach which is from the north of the Baby Beach. This beach is not suitable for swimming because of strong currents. But is perfect for the people who loves windsurfers, kite boarders, and other water sports. It is a half circle shaped beach located in the south east of the island. This beach is popular among the local as the constant onshore wind makes it a great kite surfing spot. Here swimming is not recommended but can be adventures if you are a kite surfing lover.

6. Boca Prins

Boca Prins is a private beach that is situated on the northeast coast of Aruba Island. Its name is Prins because from the former plantation. Many visitors come here to enjoy a picnic or dine at the restaurant. You can also admire the limestone cliff from the top. But you can’t do swimming here due to the limits and dangerous surfs.

7. Palm Beach

It is two-mile strip beach with white sand and turquoise water. It is popular hangout beach among tourist and is concentrated with luxury resorts. It has a paved walkway which leads you towards a resort which is nearby. It is said that this beach gives you the feeling of liveliness. The clear and calm water makes it more attractive for sun-tanning, partying and relaxing.

8. Druif Beach

Druif is a mile long beach which is oval in shape and is stretched between Manchebo and Oranjestad. It is a home of all exclusive low-rise Divi and inclusive resorts along with restaurants and hotel rooms. It is a perfect place for sunbathing and swimming.

9. Eagle Beach

The one of the prettiest beachs in caribbean is Eagle Beach. It is located in the south of Palm Beach. It is less crowded compare to Palm beach. You can visit there in early morning, grab a cabana and spend your whole day by gazing out at this beautiful spot.

10. Malmok Beach

This beach is found on the northern western shore with the main road to the California Lighthouse. This narrow strip is famous for snorkelling and fishing spot. The shallow and calm water makes it more adventures and perfect for snorkelling spot for sailboats and catamarans.


Aruba is a small Dutch Caribbean Island with several beaches and little time to explore. The weather here is great and temperature remains constant around 27°C and the rainfall stays below 20 inches. No one can choose the best for you on your behalf, you’re the one who can choose it for you. So, visit as many as you can.

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