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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Mexico

Here we have shared the list of 10 incredible beaches in Mexico that you must definitely visit once in your life.

Mexico is a place that gives you unforgettable beaching experience. You can visit it with your friends and families who love to spend their time on beach and in water. Explore the wild beauty of Mexico’s beaches starts from the Pacific coast to Baja the seashore till Yucatan peninsula and many more.

Here are the top 10 beaches in Mexico that will blow your mind.

1. Tulum

Tulum is one of the most famous beach in Mexico with boutique hotels and restaurants and mind blowing atmosphere. You can rent bikes to move around the town and beach. While visiting Mayan Riviera, Tulum beach is the must-see tourist attraction place. It is a high cliff that is covered with white sand of Caribbean Sea.

2. Sayulita

This beach has become super popular over the last decade. It offers your water sports like surfing along with good local food restaurants and bars. Now a day, it is quite a busy place. It is a hidden gem with picturesque beaches with a charming fishing village.

3. Isla Espiritu Santo

This beach is an isolated beach that is surrounded by land area of 15,495 Sq. Km. It is a highly amazing place to visit and experience the real sea life with eco-tourism as an added benefit. Moreover, ensure that you book your local guide in advance since the island is a protected area.

4. Medano

This is another popular beach with a lot of fun and activities including local shops and restaurants. It is a busy stretch of beach that offers many water activities including swimming. Despite this crowd, it is one of the most charming beaches in Mexico. It has a green-blue water shade with some dramatic rock formations. Moreover, make sure you don’t leave your things unattended while you go on swimming and other activities as this beach is overcrowded.

5. Isla Holbox

This beach is famous as Punta Mosquito and is located on the eastern side of Holbox. To visit this beach, you need to check out whether it is low tide or high. On the beach, you will be surrounded only by wildlife and a vast water bodies. No local shops or restaurants are available on the beach or nearby, so it’s advisable to carry your food and drinks.

6. Playa Del Amor

This beach is famous as a beach in a cave or hidden beach. In early ‘90s local government was using this place to test bombs and from this, a sensational deserted beach came. To reach this place, you need to get a boat either book a tour or charter of your boat.

7. Playa Norte

It is also famous as crystal clear water with one of the most unique landscapes that meet the eye and soul. It is a tropical island gateway that seems worlds apart from the resort town of Cancun. It is favourite beach of the people who loves to enjoy the sandy beach and some dramatic walk. It has shallow turquoise water which is calm and perfect for swimming.

8. Yelapa

Yelapa is a famous old fishing village with no roads. To visit this place, you need to take boat or yacht from Boca De Tomatlan or Puerto Vallarta. There are hip cafes and bars along with lazy beach activities, nature activities and paragliding. The history of this place is rich and somewhat mysterious. It also offers budget-friendly activities.

9. Cancun

This gorgeous beach is famous for its turquoise waters and vacation destinations. It is full of many different restaurants, local shops, and full of resorts that are great to stay and play. It is known for its pristine beaches with crystal-clear water. Moreover, on this beach, the water is very shallow, so it’s ideal for snorkelling.

10. Puerto Escondido

If you love water surfing, you can head to Puerto Escondido which is on the pacific coast in Oaxaca. It is a very popular spot for ex-pats from around the world, and those who are budget-friendly travellers. The waves on this beach sometimes go up to 10 feet high and it is not a joke. You can find the sleepiest surf party. Over here you can enjoy the street tacos, local fare, and restaurants.


So, these are the beaches where you can spend your lazy holidays. It is brilliant turquoise hues of the Caribbean Sea on the Riviera Maya that has white sand, palm trees, and snowy days.

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