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10 Essential Tips to Save Money on a Cruise Vacation

Here are 10 very useful tips to save money on a cruise vacation.

By Cruise Booking Team

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There is no denying the fact that traveling is the best thing you could do with your money. When you travel, you live your life to the fullest as you experience new lifestyles, cultures, and may end up exploring and discovering your true self. That being said, traveling is not as much about the destination as much it is about the journey and in this regard, traveling by cruise can give you a wholesome traveling experience. There is one glitch that most people are concerned about and that is the affordability quotient of cruise travel.

Here are some great ways to save money on a cruise.

1. Timing has to be right

When it comes to saving on your cruise trip, the best thing you could do is go by the timing. When you book early, there are a lot of discounts and deals you can claim. The ideal thing would be to book at least 4 months in advance of your sailing date. This will particularly be helpful if you are planning your travel during the peak holiday season. Most cruise liners have the ‘Wave Season’ during the months of January to March when there are most offers and deals. You can get some great savings on your cruise rates when you book during this season.

2. Get a clear understanding of what you are eligible to get

As they say, the devil is in the details – with your cruise travel, this is the key aspect to look into. Even most ‘all-inclusive’ voyages have hidden charges so make sure that you have read and well-understood all the terms and conditions before you book a cruise. Pay particular attention to the exclusions and list all the costs that you will incur so that you will know the actual expenses of your cruise trip. This will help you decide better between different cruises and you may realize that the expensive cruises often balance out the charges and the seemingly low-cost cruises may turn out to be more expensive due to the exclusions.

3. Be cautious about the ‘tips’

While it is good to be generous, it is better to be just sure before you go all about giving tips to the helpers and servers on-board. Most cruises already charge you an extra amount, which is included in the bills as a gratuity charge. In such a case, you would be paying a lot more than required for tips if you are too generous with the tips.

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4. Plan your on-shore excursions and activities yourself

While it is definitely more convenient and hassle-free to let your cruise handle all your on-shore activities, you will surely pay a lot more than if you go about yourself looking for some memorable on-shore experiences. If you prefer guided tours, look for a local company or ask your travel agent to arrange for a private tour. Again, book the tour much in advance for some good savings.

5. BYOD is always the ideal option!

Some ships allow the guests to bring their own drinks and if your cruise does, this is the best option. There is no such thing as ‘free-refills’ on-board so you will definitely make greater savings with the BYOD option.

6. Cut-off from the world

When you are on-board, staying connected to your friends and family back home can turn out to be expensive. It is better you keep your phone on the Airplane mode and enjoy the waters instead of spending a bomb on your phone bills. Wi-Fi and Internet on most cruises are very expensive. Save your important emails for the internet cafes at the port.

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7. Look beyond the popular cruise liners

While it is true that reputation counts and you definitely want to have a relaxed experience, the fact remains that not just the most reputed cruise voyages offer you a great time. You can get a very rich experience from a mid-ranged cruise trip too.

8. Watch out at the casino

The rules at the cruise casinos are same as elsewhere so go easy with your money here. If you are someone who doesn’t have too much control over your spending at the casino, it is better to keep the cruise casino off your radar for the most part of your trip. You can indulge during the last few days on the cruise; that way, you will be able to manage your money better.

9. You don’t need your whole wardrobe on board!

Baggage fees tend to add up more quickly than you can imagine. Travel light and use the onboard laundry services rather than getting all your clothes along.

10. Be your own photographer

While there may be professional photographers on-board, you will end up paying a lot of money when you use their services. It is all about capturing your special memories so be your own photographer!

Now that you have all the tips to save money on your cruise, there is no reason why you shouldn’t tick it off your bucket list. Pack up and set sailing, for the journey can also be the reward!

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