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Phuket, Thailand
Phuket, Thailand

A Basic Guide to Orient Far East Cruise Vacation

Explore the best Orient Far East cruise vacation guide and get inspired to cruise with your loved ones.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The Orient Far East has always been a mystery that people love to uncover and solve. The culture, the food, and the attractions are fascinating and different from what you can see in other places. When you book Orient Far East cruises, you will be able to cover numerous destinations, including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and more. The amazing ports in the Orient are a wonderful opportunity to experience the culture and take in the sights.

Best Places to Visit in Orient Far East On a Cruise

During the Orient Far East cruises, you will be able to visit some wonderful port cities. Some of them include:

Phuket: The azure waters and pristine beaches are a hallmark of Phuket. This Thai island is renowned for its beaches, limestone rock formations, and long-tail boats made from wood. During your shore do visit the massive Buddha statue. It is awe-inspiring.

Hanoi: A visit to Hanoi will be an enlightening experience. The city is steeped in history and natural beauty. You will also be able to enjoy superior dining and shopping experience. Make sure you visit the Old Quarter as it houses the largest market in the city. Hanoi is also filled with temples, with the Temple of Literature being the most visited.

Shanghai: Take in the skyline of the city, which is the biggest in China. Click photographs as you walk along the Bund and then visit the Jade Buddha Temple and Longhua Temple to see the superb Buddha statues. If you want a respite from the concrete buildings, visit the Yuyuan Garden to commune with nature and enjoy blissful solitude.

Fukuoka: This port city is located on the island of Kyushu. The street-side restaurants are welcoming and the perfect place to savor Mentaiko, a dish comprising pickled cod roe and hot peppers. You can visit the Fukuoka Tower, the Zen temple of Shofukuji and Ohori, a park in the center of the city.

Singapore: Orient Far East cruises also drop anchor in Singapore. This island nation is known for its shopping, mega-malls, and delicious food. It is a melting pot of Chinese and Indian cultures, where you can cycle on elevated platforms and enjoy walking trails that connect different parks.

Best Things to do in Orient Far East On a Cruise

In case your Orient Far East cruise drops anchor in Vietnam, make it a point to take a boat ride on a traditional Vietnamese junk along Halong Bay. Here you will be able to visit floating villages, get awed by towering cliffs, and even walk in dense forests to spy indigenous flora and fauna.

Bangkok is one of the jewels of the Far East where you can visit the royal palace, enjoy delicious seafood, and visit numerous temples. Alternatively, you can go to Phuket, where you will be mesmerized by the stunning beaches and Buddhist temples. Phuket is considered a paradise for beach lovers.

In Cambodia, take a day trip to Kratie, which is north of Siem Reap. Not only will you be able to get a glimpse of how villagers live but you will also be able to enjoy a boat ride along the Mekong to see freshwater dolphins.

Best Time to Visit Orient Far East On a Cruise

The Orient Far East cruises operate throughout the year but it is best to avoid the summer months when the temperatures soar and humidity levels are high. The best time to visit is from November to February when the weather is cooler and you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities. However, book your trip based on the shore activities you want to enjoy. That will ensure you get the maximum out of your cruise trip.

The wet season begins from May and during this season, humidity levels are high. In summer, heat and humidity can be sapping. During the winter months, you will be welcomed by snow in some places while in others, the temperatures will be cool and perfect for outdoor activities. However, do bring along a warm jacket to keep you snug.

A cruise is the most exciting and affordable way to experience the magic of the Far East. Most of the world's top fleet offers Orient Far East Cruises. Book your cruise today to enjoy a memorable time with family and friends.

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