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10 Fun Things to do on a Cruise Ship

Here are 10 things to do on a cruise ship to enjoy your cruise to the fullest. Enjoy the ship, enjoy onboard activities, or discover exotic ports on cruise ships.

By Cruise Booking Team

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What is the whole point of going on a cruise? Cruise does not just concern as a mode of transport but a lively, floating, unending carnival until you get to the ports. The number of things to do on a cruise ships is almost overwhelming. With the water rides, exclusive dining venues, spas, clubs and concerts and much more to do, a cruise ship is like a city afloat! The myriad of things to will keep you busy, entertained and relaxed. The designers and architects seemingly delve into their fantasies of a cruise ship to create the sumptuous cruise ship.

Say “yes!” to these activities that will get your adrenaline pumping, creative juices flowing and are at the same time relaxing!

10 Best Things to do on a Cruise Ship

1. Look around the ship

Do not attack on a single thing as you are captivated by the opulent ship. Take your time to look around and explore. If you get fixated on a single thing, you will miss out on all the fun. See how your cabin is, unpack your things and just relax for a while. Cruises go on for several days. You will have ample of time to try everything out.

2. Catch a flick outdoors

If you hear of your favorite movie playing on the outdoor lido deck movie screen, you could get some treats from your cabin or the buffet and enjoy the movie with the cool ocean breeze on your face. Bring your partner along and snuggle up on the seats with them under the blanket. A movie under the stars surrounded by the shimmering ocean is the best date-night idea ever!

3. Seeing the sunset

When you are amidst the ocean, watching the sunset into the horizon is a spectacular sight! It isn’t an activity per say, yet it rejuvenates your mind. Sunset has a calming effect on the entire ship. The atmosphere starts to get mellow as the orange sky stretches above the ship and the vast ocean.

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4. Detox in the sauna

After a tiresome day, just take a trip to the sauna for a warm steam to cleanse your body. Bask in the steam and feel all your worries and tiredness melt away with the sweat forming on your skin. Many ships have a free sauna and steam rooms so you can make use of it. Close your eyes during the sauna and avoid conversations. Spend some time with yourself.

5. Onboard deck concerts

Rock to the live music on the deck. It will be a fun-filled, flamboyant experience to tap your feet along the songs. A lot of bands have contracts with cruise ships and they move about in the cruise. Rounds of cocktails will be served during the performances for the audience to loosen up. Swirl, sway, twist and shout to the music in your buzzed state!

6. Hit the gym

Exercising might sound a bit rigorous during a vacation. But mega-cruises last for days altogether. You don’t want to stuff yourself with food and gulp drinks only to know that you have gained weight. Besides, a bit of exercise will keep your fresh and flexible during the continuous fiasco.

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7. Swim in the pool

Chilling in the pool is the most fun. Dive in with a group and you can enjoy water volley ball. Or you can take a swim in the pool. Many ships have separate pools for kids and adults. The parents can enjoy pool games with their friends while the kids safely enjoy the splashes. The pools will often be smaller as compared to a resort.

8. Hang by the sea on the hammocks

Catch the sea breeze and hang by the edge of the deck on the hammock. If you want tan, do it when the sun’s up! Lie down with your friends and have a nice chat over margheritas wearing your shades. Stare into the glittering waves and contemplate life. Hammocks are placed in various parts of the cruise ship. Pick your spot!

9. Stay in and order food

If you are tired of the boisterous activities, just stay in and order some food. Spend time with your partner or alone. Call in for all you want and take advantage of the 24-hour room service. Order whatever you loved at the buffet!

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10. Get your sport on

For adrenaline junkies, there are numerous sports onboard. One can also enjoy the surfing and skydiving on the cruise. Ships have surf stimulators for a safe surfing experience onboard itself. Try the rope courses for a thrill! Get through these obstacle courses that are high up in the air. Some rope courses might make you a little dizzy if you look down so just keep your eyes on the rope!

Getting a long vacation on a cruise in your busy routine is a rarity. So, make the most of your time on the cruise trip while you can.

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