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Top Seven Activities to do in the Middle East while on a Cruise

Here are the highlights of top 7 things to do on Middle East cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Travel around the part of the world where deserts transform into ultra-modern cities. The Middle East will bedazzle you with its unique blend of tradition and modernity. The region features these amazing things to do!

7 Awesome Things to do on Middle East Cruise

1. Stroll and shop at the Dubai Mall

Located in the heart of the prestigious downtown, The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world. The mall offers retail and entertainment. More than 80 million people visit the mall every year. If you turn out to be one of them, don’t miss out on the luxury retail stores like Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s. The mall provides an unparalleled blend of shopping, fine dining, and entertainment. It would be a mistake to dubai cruises only to miss out on this high fashion capital of the Middle East. The Dubai Mall also features a world-class Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Tourists can explore the aquarium and the zoo in the 270-degree walk-through tunnel.

2. Explore the artistic Louvre Abu Dhabi

Art lovers must not miss out on Louvre Abu Dhabi. Paris already fosters the Le Louvre museum. Wishing to make their country a cultural destination, Abu Dhabi launched its universal art museum in 2017. Abu Dhabi called on French expertise for the same. Nonetheless, the museum is not a copy of the one in France. The art exhibition at Louvre Abu Dhabi covers a wide range of articles and artifacts and explores the connection between civilizations and cultures. The theme-based display helps understand the intensity of the shared human experiences over ages.

3. Marvel at the pyramids of Egypt

Pyramids are the single-most peculiar aspects of Egypt. The entire world relates pyramids to Egypt! As you reach there, you will see small crowds of tourists just stand in awe of the triangular giant structures. Venture into the pyramid bowels through narrow corridors. There is Pyramid Sound & Light Show at the Giza pyramids. The demonstration includes ancient monuments with a narrative track by Sphinx. Take a camel ride from one pyramid to the other to acquire an authentic Egyptian experience.

4. Ski at Lebanon’s Cedars

There are several snowfields tucked away in Lebanon where the small number of crowds go for the ski. Lebanon is a two-sided land of hot and cold. Swim in the Mediterranean at your leisure and go skiing as you wish! Lebanon has 6 ski resorts with groomed slopes. The Cedars offer kilometers of cross-country skiing waiting to be discovered. The basin structure of the ski resort in Cedars makes it impossible to get lost! Ski freely and explore the snowscape.

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5. Float in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is truly nature’s wonder! Now you may ask, what makes it so special? The Dead Sea sits 430 meters below sea level which makes it the lowest point on earth. The waterbody as attracted a myriad of tourists for several years. You will be surprised to know that the salt and minerals from the Dead Sea are used in high-quality makeup. The area around the Dead Sea has become the health research center for illnesses. Bring your shoes with you before floating in the Dead Sea, to avoid cutting your feet on the salt deposits. Put on sunscreen and forget your swimming instincts! Don’t stay in for longer than 10-15 minutes to avoid getting burns all over your body.

6. Get lost in the old city of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a reservoir of middle eastern traditions and culture. It is the focal point of three main religionsChristians, Jews, and Muslims. Ignore the political tension and freely roam about the tourist hotspots. Witness one of the most stellar scenes in the old city. See the Western Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock, and Church of the Holy Sepulcher in all their traditional glory. Explore the City of David and its huge collection of archeological wonders! Shop a souvenir at the Machane Yehuda market before cruising back!

7. Explore Muscat’s architecture

Marvel at the Omani architecture of the city. The Royal Opera House of Muscat is worth visiting due to its maze gardens, white exteriors, red carpets, and chandeliers. Sultan Qaboos Mosque is another wonder of architecture in Muscat. The large carpet with vivid colors will not fail to impress the tourists!

To conclude, the Middle Eastern wonders are hard to resist!

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