Distant View, Cape Town
Distant View, Cape Town

The Best Time to Take a Cruise to Africa

Here is useful information about the best time to cruise to Africa.

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Africa is huge – every region, besides its own unique beauty and culture, has a different climate and therefore a different best-time-to-visit. From deserts to tropical rain forests, you can have it all in this beautiful continent, and at any point of time during the year, you’ll have one ideal region to visit. Let’s take a look at the best time to take a cruise to Africa based on region.

Best Time to Book a Cruise to Africa

1. Algeria

If the golden sand and relaxed air of Algeria beckon you, March, April, and May should be your ideal months to plan a vacation. At this time of the year, the weather is just right – it’s neither too warm nor too cool. You can still enjoy the beach to the hilt without being too hot for comfort.

2. Kenya Safari

A Kenya Safari is one of the must-do things in a lifetime – it’s an experience that no other place on earth can offer – you can see magnificent animals in their undisturbed natural habitat, up and close in all their glory. And the best time to take in this divine experience is between January and March. So if you are looking for a cruise in Africa and Kenya is on top of your list, choose the first quarter of the year for your travels.

3. South Africa

Something in the ring of the words “South Africa” conjures up the image of sun, sand, and surf in the mind. If your idea of the land is pretty much the same, and if you also want to add to it an experience of the lush South African winelands, plan a cruise between November and April. The warm weather will be perfect for you to enjoy all the activities on offer and have a fabulous vacation.

4. Chobe River

The spellbinding Chobe River is a delight to cruise through. And between May and November, the time is just right for some spectacular animal viewings as it becomes the water hub for the fauna of the region during these months. Wildlife enthusiasts should certainly have a cruise of the Chobe River on their bucket lists.

5. Egypt

For admirers of ancient history, there is no better place than Egypt. However, the trips through the Great Pyramids can easily wear you down if you choose the wrong the weather. To enjoy some grand Egyptian sites to the hilt, you must plan your African cruise between October and April, when the weather is cool and comfortable for all-day exploration.

6. Seychelles and Madagascar

Now here is one all-year-round destination. You can head to magical Madagascar whenever you want to. Keep a tab on flight tickets and don’t think twice about the weather when you find an incredible deal. The Seychelles and Madagascar area is going to make for a perfectly happy Africa cruise whether you are trying to get a break from a long winter or are looking for a summer vacation destination.

Most mainstream cruise lines sail through Africa's oceans. The voyage typically lasts for 10 days. You can also look for shorter or longer itineraries as per your schedule. Most voyages start and culminate in Cape Town and Durban in South Africa. Check for the itineraries of your favorite cruise lines and book the one that best matches with your travel interests. We hope you have a fantastic cruise to Africa!

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