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How much does a 5 day cruise cost per person?

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By Cruise Booking Team

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A 5-day cruise vacation can be exciting, but figuring out how much it would cost per person can take time and effort. Several factors, including the kind of lodging, dining selections, onboard charges, and excursions, influence a cruise's entire cost.

The cost per person of a 5-day cruise

1. Understanding the cruise fare base

The initial step for your budget is the base cruise fare. It usually includes three meals a day in the ship's main dining room or buffet areas, as well as lodgings and access to onboard entertainment and activities. Cruise lines provide a variety of stateroom classifications, each with a different cruise fare.

The cabin you choose significantly impacts your budget, as more deluxe ones are more expensive. Remember to include the cost of your chosen cabin in your cruise budget.

2. Budgeting and dining options

Typically, cruise rates include three meals per day in the ship's main dining facilities. On the other hand, specialty dining establishments provide a more upmarket culinary experience at an additional cost. American Diner, Cagney's Steakhouse, Food Republic, Le Bistro, Los Lobos, Moderno Churrascaria, Pincho Tapas Bar, and Teppanyaki are just a few of the specialty restaurants available on Norwegian Cruise Line.

Guests can dine at these delicacies and pay for their meals individually. Cruisers can also prepay for a specialty dining package based on the number of specialty restaurants they want to visit to save money. The pricing of the packages may vary, but they can help you keep inside your budget:

You can better manage your spending and ensure a memorable culinary adventure on your cruise by organizing your dining experiences ahead of time.

3. Beverage costs and packages

Beverage expenditures can significantly impact your cruise budget, especially if you want to consume alcoholic beverages while on board. It's critical to understand cruise line policies, which frequently mandate that all visitors in a stateroom purchase a drinks package if one person does.

Norwegian Encore, for example, has a variety of beverage packages, including the Unlimited Open Bar Package for $109 per day, including 20% gratuities on all purchases. Calculate the cost of your expected daily usage to see if a beverage package is worth it for you. A typical daily spend may include a beer at $7.50, a glass of wine at $9, and mixed cocktails at $10, totaling roughly $26 per day before gratuities.

Consider your beverage tastes and usage patterns to see whether a drinks bundle is cost-effective. A package may be a good value if you anticipate consuming a substantial number of beverages per day.

4. Costs of excursions and budget considerations

Exploring the ports of call on your cruise is a highlight, but you must spend for shore excursions. Excursion prices can vary greatly depending on the activities available. Guided island trips with beach time are typically the most affordable options, with prices starting at about $100. On the other hand, more adventurous or exclusive excursions can be significantly more expensive.

For example, a Dolphin Swim experience in Puerto Plata may cost $249. To keep your trip costs under control, study and plan your activities ahead of time, keeping your interests and budget in mind. Prioritize the experiences that are most important to you and budget accordingly.

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The cost of a 5-day cruise per person is calculated by considering several elements, including the base cruise fee, accommodation, eating preferences, beverage expenditures, and excursion expenses. Understanding these elements and planning ahead of time will assist you in budgeting successfully and ensuring that your cruise experience is both pleasurable and financially manageable. You may go on your cruise journey with confidence and joy if you make informed decisions and plan. Visit for more information regarding cruise lines.

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