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Five Exciting Things to do on an Arctic Cruise

Here is the list of 5 alluring activities to enjoy on an Arctic Cruise.

An Arctic cruise could be recreational of educational. Escapades to snowy regions of the Arctic are sure to turn out to be fun and informative. Expedition cruises to the Arctic makes you an explorer. Observe the regions wildlife as you gear up for the cold climate. Witness the peculiar and beautiful phenomenon of Aurora Borealis.

Onboard lectures on ecosystem, arctic history and research are often held on the cruise ship before reaching the port. Edify yourself about the arctic region before disembarking and heading out to explore.

5 Best Things to do in the Arctic While on a Cruise

1. Glacier Hiking

It is said that it is not the destination that matters but the journey. Wanderers and explorers can pack their rucksacks and head out to climb majestic glaciers with their equipment. Iceland has splendid locations for glacier hiking. Sólheimajökull Glacier is famous among the hikers for its crisp, hard ice for good grip. Another glacier in Greenland called Kangerlussuaq Glacier will test your physique and presence of mind. It is certainly not for the faint hearted.

2. Wildlife Spotting

Abundant wildlife in the Arctic region gives you a chance to be a spectator to the animals in their natural habitat. Arctic Wildlife Tours are arranged to explore and capture the magnificent, peculiar wonders of nature candidly. Watch grisly polar bears roll in snow or trying to hunt by a water body. Other animals you will come across are reindeers, seals, sea lions, and many more. Keep your binoculars ready for when you spot gigantic whales from afar.

3. Walk in the Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden at Tromso, Norway is the northernmost botanical garden that fosters shrubbery that survives in freezing temperatures. It consists of Alpine plants from all continents. The flowering season begins in May. The rock landscapes and the plants are attractive during the months of peak winter. The Garden includes 25 collections of plants and shrubs. They are systematically maintained in the Botanical Garden.

4. Visit Norway’s Haholmen Island

Explore the replicas of Viking ships and learn about the Viking history at Haholmen Island. Wild swims and mountain walks in Norway are rejuvenating. Fishing Village on the island is perfect for fishing enthusiasts. It is an island village whose culture dates back to the 1700s. Observe their lifestyle and try to get a taste of the local life. The fishing water of the village is so clear that you can catch crabs with your bare hands!

5. Visit Forlandet National Park

The National Park is an island with abundant arctic wildlife. It stretches up to 86 kilometers. The contrast of Alpine peaks and lush green fields of grass along with barren stone deserts will not fail to amaze you. This camper’s and hiker’s paradise offers abundant naturally rich landscapes to explore. Spend some time among the walruses at the National Park.

Mother Nature has blessed the Arctic with exotic wildlife, unique landscapes and freezing temperatures. Explore the unexplored when you disembark!

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