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Wear on an Arctic cruise
Wear on an Arctic cruise

What to Wear on an Arctic cruise?

Do you know what to wear in the arctic? Here is a list of necessary clothing items that you must bring on your Arctic cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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With white icy land all around, the Arctic is one of the top cruise destinations on the globe. Situated in the northernmost part of the world, a voyage to this lovely and remote region will undoubtedly be memorable, as you will be able to paddle with penguins, trek in snowy mountains, and see polar bears. It is also home to several natural phenomena, gorgeous sights, and cultural activities that attract a large number of visitors every year. Since the temperature drops below 0 Celsius and the climate becomes harsh, it is critical to visit during the right season and dress accordingly.

what to wear in the arctic: Your Arctic Packing List

When you prepare to embark on an Arctic cruise, make sure to wear the essential clothes listed below.

1 - Footwear

Getting the right footwear is very important as the terrain of the Arctic region is uneven, wet, and slippery. You should wear specific boots that are suited for the terrain as they should be waterproof, flexible, insulated, durable, and comfortable. Such kinds of boots are called muck boots, and they will be of great help when going on shore excursions. These arctic boots often come at a cost, but having boots with good insulation and thick rubber soles will bring an added benefit. One important thing you should keep in mind is to wear several layers of socks before putting on these boots.

2 - Wear warm thermals as base layer clothing

A base layer is important as it is responsible for trapping body heat and will keep you warm throughout the journey. Thermals are made from a variety of fabrics, so choose one that is comfortable for you. Also, make sure that the thermals are not too tight, since this may restrict your blood flow. Although new generation materials are available in the market, thermals made of merino wool fabric will be one of the best for the base layer since it is excellent at keeping the body warm. Also, keep several different pairs of thermals if you are planning for a longer vacation.

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3 - Wear warm casual clothes as middle layer clothing

Middle-layer clothes are worn under the outer jacket and above thermals. This layer includes different kinds of clothes, such as shirts, trousers, and sweaters. Wearing such clothing will be really beneficial because it will keep you warm when you remove your jacket while inside your ship or if you feel warm while participating in outdoor activities. When going on an Arctic cruise, you should bring two types of trousers: one that is warm and the other that is wind resistant and can be used for outdoor activities. 

4 - Wear wind resistant outer layer clothes

Outer layer clothing, which involves jackets, pants, gloves, and scarves, is very crucial as it will protect you from chilly Arctic weather. When wearing such clothes, always ensure that they are wind resistant and water resistant as well. Expedition jackets should be well padded on the inside and also include a hood to keep your head warm. These types of clothes should be able to work in extreme conditions whenever you go skiing, snowboarding or hiking. Likewise, choose a size or style of material that may be quickly removed on hot days or when you sweat while participating in outdoor activities.

Other items you can wear

  • A headgear beanie is particularly vital to keep the head warm because many jackets come with an in-built hood that does not keep the head very warm.
  • A headband is an alternative to a beanie for some tourists who may find a beanie uncomfortable, thus, a headband is an appropriate option for them.
  • In the Arctic, the sun can be very bright, and UV levels are high, so you should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.


A cruise to the Arctic is always full of adventure and surprises for travelers. To ensure that your Arctic cruise adventure is successful and enjoyable, it is essential to wear appropriate warm clothing that can protect you from icy cold weather and chilly winds. Also, you should wear multiple layers of clothes to stay warm. Lastly, you should pack the clothing items mentioned above to make your Arctic cruise journey comfortable and convenient.

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