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tips on cruise ship
tips on cruise ship

What are the top tips on cruise ship etiquette?

Do you want to have a lovely cruise vacation? Know about some important tips on cruise ship etiquette that you should know about.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise ship is a great way to travel across different places around the world while enjoying time in the lovely blue ocean. There are several things to keep in mind even if you have traveled on a cruise ship before or you are a first time cruiser. Among several important things, one thing you should be aware of is cruise ship etiquette. Cruise ships are far more casual and accessible than they were in previous decades, although many cruise lines still insist on following certain etiquette. As a result, you must be aware of some dos and don'ts before embarking on the journey.

What are the top tips on cruise ship etiquette?

Whenever you plan for your cruise vacation, always keep in mind the etiquette mentioned below. 

1 - Always be punctual

Being punctual is important since you must keep your schedule in order so that you can get to any place on time. Always make an effort to get there on time if there is a dinner, entertainment show, or event. When you leave the ship to go on a shore excursion, you are given a time limit, and you should try to be punctual by returning to the ship on time and not being late. If you are late and the ship is waiting for departure, it can prove to be an awkward experience during your cruise vacation.

2 - Follow the dress code

Cruise lines have made certain rules regarding dress code, and they expect guests on the ship to dress up accordingly. Normally, there is no dress code during the day, which means you can wear whatever you like, but when it comes to formal nights or dining at specialty restaurants, you must wear a specific sort of dress. If you prefer to wear casual or semi-casual clothing then having dinner at a buffet restaurant and the main dining hall is the best option. Keep in mind that being overly casual will not go down well with crew members or other passengers, and you may feel a bit uncomfortable.

3 - Don’t be loud 

Whenever you are speaking to someone else on the ship, don’t be loud instead try to speak quietly and softly by keeping your volume low. While walking in hallways and corridors, keep your voice low and soft to show courtesy to those who might be resting or sleeping. Also, avoid listening to loud music at your cabin during nighttime. There will be various public lounges where you won't have to worry about speaking loudly if you want to enjoy the night or have a lively chat with someone. 

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4 - Offer a good tip

Tipping policies can be complicated, and they may vary from one cruise line to another. Usually, cruise lines follow a per-person or per-day tip system, so verify the policies while you board your cruise ship. Tipping amount is charged when you book your cruise vacation, or it will be added on a daily basis depending on your bill amount. All these collected tips are shared among the crew members working on the ship. There may be times when you feel that the steward, waiter, or another member of the crew has provided exceptional service, in which case you can tip them separately.

5 - Greet crew respectfully with a handshake

Crew members are the ones who will be taking care of you on your cruise journey, so it is important that you show respect towards them with a firm handshake. Whether it is a steward, waiter, chef, manager, or other crew members, compliment them if you feel impressed by their service. By doing so, the crew members will be happy to assist you at any point during the journey.


Before traveling on a cruise ship, there are several important things to know about, among which cruise ship etiquettes are very important. Whenever you go on a cruise vacation, always keep in mind that it is important to follow etiquette, as it will help in making your vacation pleasant and successful.

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