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MSC Cruises Prohibited Items: What Is Not Allowed on MSC Cruises?

Want to know what is not allowed on MSC Cruises? This comprehensive guide is key to preparing for a hassle-free and enjoyable cruise vacation.

By Cruise Booking Team

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MSC Cruises is a popular choice for people looking to enjoy a luxurious vacation at sea. With its wide range of amenities, excellent service, and carefully curated itineraries, MSC Cruises has become a favorite among travelers. However, it is important to note that certain activities and items are not allowed onboard the ships. Gain insights into MSC Cruises' prohibited items and rules, ensuring you pack smartly and adhere to their regulations. From luggage restrictions to prohibited personal items, this guide covers it all. Set sail confidently, knowing you've navigated the do's and don'ts of MSC Cruises, making your voyage a smooth and delightful experience.

Overview of MSC Prohibited Items

Item Detailed Description
Firearms Any type of firearms, including handguns and rifles, is strictly prohibited on MSC cruise ships. This rule ensures the safety and security of all passengers and crew members.
Ammunition Carrying ammunition, including bullets and shells, is not allowed on board. This policy aims to prevent any potential threats or accidents related to the presence of live ammunition.
Pepper Spray For safety reasons, pepper spray is considered a prohibited item. Passengers are encouraged to use alternative methods for personal protection, adhering to the cruise line's security protocols.
Batons Items like batons, which could be considered as potential weapons, are restricted to maintain a secure and controlled environment on the ship. Passengers are advised not to bring such objects on board.
Scissors Certain types of scissors, especially those with sharp blades, are restricted due to safety concerns. Passengers are encouraged to use small, blunt-edged scissors for necessary tasks during the cruise.
Knives Sharp knives and other bladed items are generally prohibited to prevent any incidents or misuse. The cruise line prioritizes the safety of everyone on board by implementing such restrictions.
Replicas of Firearms Even replicas or imitation firearms are not allowed on MSC cruise ships. This policy helps avoid confusion and maintains a controlled environment without any simulated weapons.
Sporting Equipment Certain sports equipment may have restrictions based on their nature. Passengers should check with the cruise line regarding specific items to ensure compliance with safety regulations during the voyage.
Drones and UAVs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones are usually prohibited to avoid interference with the ship's operations, protect passenger privacy, and adhere to aviation regulations.
Illegal Drugs Any form of illegal drugs, including recreational drugs or substances, is strictly prohibited. The cruise line maintains a zero-tolerance policy to ensure all passengers have a safe and secure environment.
Candles and Incense Open flames, such as candles and incense, are generally prohibited in cabins for fire safety reasons. Passengers are advised to use alternative, flameless options to create a pleasant atmosphere in their rooms.
Hoverboards Due to safety concerns related to lithium-ion batteries, hoverboards are typically restricted on cruise ships. The risk of fire or malfunction makes these devices incompatible with the cruise line's safety standards.
Electrical Extension Cords Using electrical extension cords poses a potential fire hazard. Passengers are advised to use the available power outlets and adhere to safety guidelines to prevent electrical issues during the cruise.
Domestic Animals Pets are not allowed on MSC cruise ships. Exceptions are made for guide dogs or dogs assisting disabled passengers, provided they have prior approval from the carrier.

What is not allowed on MSC Cruises?

This article will guide you through MSC Cruises' prohibited items.

1. Illegal substances:

The use, possession, sale, or distribution of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited on MSC Cruises. This includes all forms of illegal substances, including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. MSC Cruises has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to illegal drugs, and any guest found in violation of this policy will be immediately disembarked from the ship.

2. Firearms and weapons:

For the safety of all guests and crew members, firearms and other weapons are not allowed on MSC Cruises. This includes items such as guns, knives, scissors, and explosives. Exceptions may be made for law enforcement officials and security personnel, but only with prior approval from MSC Cruises.

3. Pets:

While many people love to travel with their furry companions, pets are not allowed on MSC Cruises. The only exception to this rule is for certified service animals, such as guide dogs for the blind.

4. Double strollers and a few kids’ items:

When packing for children, particularly younger ones, who seem to have an endless supply of belongings, there are many factors to consider. Also, many parents adore double strollers, but sometimes they face trouble with these carriages' size. It seems difficult to move through doorways and cramped corridors. Although there isn't any definite rule against them, leaving larger items at home or selecting a more streamlined alternative might be preferable. Chicco, a well-known Italian business that creates top-notch children's products, has collaborated with MSC Cruises. Due to this, MSC has some items aboard, including high chairs.

5. Outside food and drinks:

Guests cannot bring their food and drinks on board MSC Cruises. All food and beverages must be purchased from the ship's restaurants, bars, and cafes. This policy helps to ensure the safety and quality of the food served on board, as well as preventable health hazards.

6. Drones:

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for capturing aerial footage and photos. However, on MSC Cruises, drones cannot be flown onboard or on any of the cruise line's private islands. This policy is in place to protect the safety and privacy of all guests on board.

7. Skateboards, Rollerblades, and Hoverboards:

MSC Cruises does not allow skateboards, rollerblades, or hoverboards on the ships. This policy is in place to prevent accidents and injuries from these activities.

8. Electronic cigarettes and Vaping devices:

As per the MSC smoking policy, smoking is allowed in designated areas on MSC Cruises; electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are not allowed onboard. Passengers are not allowed to vape in cabins or balconies but can use e-cigarettes in specific designated smoking sections, such as the upper deck on the starboard side. If smoking occurs in non-designated areas, a fee may be charged. This policy is in place to prevent any potential fire hazards from these devices.

9. House accessories:

You might be tempted to bring a few extras to make your cabin cozier and more tranquil, like some scented candles or incense, but these are prohibited aboard due to the risk of fire they pose. Electric blankets, clothing dryers, and steamers are also not allowed. If you don't care about details, you can leave your hair dryer at home because the cruise line offers complimentary ones.

10. Luggage allowance:

MSC limits the number of bags you can transport, unlike most cruise lines. The cruise company states that each passenger can only bring two suitcases, each of which cannot weigh more than 50.7 lbs. Even so, each suitcase can only be a maximum of 35 X 30 X 17 inches in size. Nevertheless, the cruise line permits two extra pieces of hand luggage, each of which may not weigh more than 50.7 lbs (which is quite heavy for carry-on).

MSC Cruises Rules in Different Destinations

When cruising to diverse destinations worldwide, be mindful of unique laws and traditions that may impact your packing choices:


In several Caribbean nations like Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbuda, and Jamaica, wearing camouflage is illegal and reserved for military personnel. Opt for neutral attire to comply with local regulations.


Many Caribbean countries, including Hawaii and U.S. territories like the U.S. Virgin Islands, mandate reef-safe sunscreen to protect coral reefs. Choose products without harmful chemicals like oxybenzone, octocrylene, and octinoxate.


Thailand strictly prohibits e-cigarettes, and authorities enforce this rule rigorously. Unaware tourists have faced immediate fines on their first offense.

Chewing Gum:

Singapore, a popular port of call, prohibits chewing gum to maintain cleanliness. Spitting out gum can result in a hefty fine of $1,000.


If exploring Athens before your cruise, reconsider wearing high heels. The Greek government has banned stilettos to prevent damage at historic sites like the Acropolis.

Codeine in Japan:

Japan prohibits codeine, so explore alternative medications. Before traveling, review the allowed prescription and over-the-counter medications in each country, consulting government websites for accurate information.


MSC Cruises has strict policies to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests on board. It is important for guests to familiarize themselves with these policies before embarking on their cruise vacation. By following these MSC cruise rules and guidelines, guests can help create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone onboard.


Please note that any water you bring on a cruise ship must be in your carry-on luggage rather than checked. The current water policies of most mainstream MSC cruise lines like the Royal Caribbean allow up to 12 bottles, cans or cartons per stateroom, with each container no larger than 17 ounces.

You can bring two suitcases (not exceeding 90x75x43 cm and 23 kg each) and two pieces of hand luggage per person. Carry essential documents, tickets, money, jewelry, medicines, and personal items in your carry-on. Prohibited items include firearms, ammunition, and dangerous objects. Check What is included in MSC World Cruise for a smooth journey.

Dinner attire on MSC Cruises varies, including casual, elegant, and formal nights. Casual wear is suitable for daytime, with shorts and tasteful T-shirts acceptable even in the dining room. Evening dress codes range from casual to elegant. Gala nights may require more formal wear. Suggestions for men include a tuxedo, dinner jacket, or dark suit and tie, while women may opt for a dressy outfit, formal gown, or cocktail dress on formal nights. The cruise encourages a relaxed atmosphere but recommends adherence to dress codes for an enjoyable dining experience.

Yes, MSC Cruises designates certain nights as formal or gala nights, where more elegant attire is encouraged. Understanding the specific rules for each night ensures guests are appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Bringing a banned item on an MSC cruise can lead to several consequences, depending on the severity of the item and the discretion of the cruise line officials. Here's what you can expect:

  • Confiscation: The most common outcome is that the cruise line will confiscate and hold the banned item for the duration of the voyage. You'll get it back at the end of the cruise upon disembarkation.
  • Denial of boarding: In extreme cases, you might be denied boarding altogether if the banned item is deemed a safety hazard or illegal.
  • Legal repercussions: If the item is illegal, you might face legal consequences depending on the local laws and regulations at the cruise ports.

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