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Cruises to Greenland

About Greenland


Cruising to Greenland is the best way to experience true adventure. Its breathtaking scenery and wildlife sightings are sure to thrill visitors. This is one of the most remote parts of the world. Greenland has more than 27,000 miles of coastline. Greenland can be considered one of the most remote and pristine places on earth. You will see a variety of majestic scenery while cruising here, from glaciers to deep fjords to glittering icebergs and fantastic wildlife. Explore the world's largest island on an expedition cruise.

There are also colorful towns along this rugged west coast, surrounded by deep fjords and glaciers, up to Disko Bay, where uninhabited islands dot the blue Arctic waters. In addition to the world's largest national park, the island's east coast also has the most extensive network of fjords. 

Greenland Highlights

Greenland is a big island, which means there are plenty of things to do and see there. Even though not all Greenland cruise itineraries include the same activities, regardless of the cruise ship you choose, you'll find many fun things to do! Below we have highlighted some of the most popular things about the destination. 

1. A Warm Culture Greets You

It belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark and is self-governing. The Inuit people of this region have been resourceful and have survived harsh living conditions for thousands of years. The Kaffemik - a  social gathering to celebrate an event - is an essential part of their culture and customs. They still hold these gatherings today. Residents are proud to show visitors their culture and love. Rock carvings and cultural items aredisplayed in artsy Qoqortoq (City in Southern Greenland), and musk oxen fur clothing is still produced in Sisimiut using an age-old qiviut method. In Nuuk, you'll notice both modern architecture and traditional painted wooden houses—one of the most photogenic capitals you'll ever see.

2. Land of Magic and Ice

There is an immense ice cap that engulfs Greenland, and rivers of ice flow. As they move slowly down the fjords and out to sea, they break off into floating chunks that sparkle and shimmer. Natural works of art, gradually changing color as the sun crosses the sky, are some of nature's most beautiful creations. You will feel as if you are watching a natural epic event in Eternal Fjord, the quietness of northeast Greenland, and the awe-inspiring spectacle of Ilulissat Ice Fjord. These places are untouched by humanity and offer the thrill of raw nature unlike anything else. 

3. Wildlife of the Land and Sea

Most of Greenland's wildlife is found along the coast and in the surrounding seas. Musk oxen, Arctic foxes, and Little Auks are among the species you should search for in areas without humans, whereas Greenland Gyrfalcons and Snowy Owls are. You can occasionally see polar bears in the Northeast National Park Region. You can also see humpback whales and seals along the coasts of Greenland, which can often be found along fjord mouths or in the open ocean, as well as lying on ice floes or swimming in the water. 

4. Local Cuisine

Greenland dishes have a lot of seafood, often smoked, dried, or salted, and usually served with sauces. Suaasat - a thick soup of meat, potatoes, onion, and rice - can be found at any local restaurant. If you're looking for some pure indulgence, you can try panertut, dried fish, and meat with butter and apples. 

Ports to Visit on Greenland Cruise

Greenland is often described as picturesque, serene, and peaceful, and we'll explain why. You will be stopping at these ports on your cruise to Greenland. 

1. Ilulissat Icefjord

UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ilulissat Icefjord, runs 25 miles south of Ilulissat city on Greenland's west coast. The glacier-calving scenery is stunning, and one of the best places in the world to witness glaciers calving. 

2. Scoresby Sund, East Greenland

Is the world's largest fjord on your bucket list? Scoresby Sund extends approximately 110 km along the eastern coast of Greenland and can reach a depth of 1,451 meters (4,700 feet) in places. Ancestors of the modern-day Inuit lived in Scoresby Sund until about 1800, once considered the center of ancient Thule culture. Several animals and plants live in the fjord, including seals, narwhals, polar bears, muskoxen, geese, and seabirds. 

3. Ilulissat 

There are many opportunities to learn about the Greenlandic culture in Ilulissat, one of the ideal destinations. Travelers can deeply dive into Greenland's history by visiting its museums and art galleries. It was established in 1741 and is Greenland's third-largest settlement. Do not miss a traditional coffee gathering, a kaffemik, in one of the local shops. Dogsledding, kayaking, hiking, and dogsledding are available for adventure seekers. 

4. Nuuk

Approximately 17,000 people live in Nuuk, the world's smallest capital city. Its picturesque city offers some of the best tourist experiences in Greenland. Rows of colorful houses line the waterfront in front of Sermitsiaq Mountain. The views from Nuuk, located on a fjord, include waterfalls and icebergs. One of the top attractions in Greenland is the Greenland National Museum, which holds archeological and cultural artifacts. Three women and a baby were discovered in a tomb in 1972. Their remains became part of the exhibit of four Qilakitsoq mummies. These mummies have been dated to 1475 AD.

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