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Is food free on cruise

If you are cruising for the first time, know about all the free meals that are available onboard!

By Cruise Booking Team

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On a cruise, meals like breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner are complimentary. In most cases, access to all gratis dining options are included in the cruise package. It further includes access to the menus in the main dining rooms, which are flexible, and you can taste a range of delicacies. However, the complimentary dining options differ based on the cruise line.

What kinds of food are available on a cruise ship?

There are several onboard eateries and dining options available on cruise ships. Primarily, larger ships provide multiple options, and smaller ships frequently feature more than one dining establishment.

Usually, cruise ships will have the main dining area, a sit-down location where you can select varied cuisines from around the world. However, you may also have to share a table with your co-passengers at large banquet-style eateries. Additionally, on most cruise ships, you can choose to have your meals at the buffet, grill by the pool or pizzeria. In other words, formal dining and casual options are available to you for free while on a cruise. But most cruises don't cover some specialty restaurants and dishes.

Is room service available on a cruise ship?

On most cruises, servers can deliver your food to your cabin anytime. Cruises typically include an all-day menu comprising sandwiches, salads, pizza, and appetizers on the room service menu. Some lines also serve a few hot drinks, sometimes for an additional price.

Additionally, while most cruise lines offer complimentary room service, some cruise lines, such as Norwegian and Royal Caribbean, can levy a per-order cost for meals at midnight.

Is it okay to bring food into my cabin on a cruise ship?

On most cruises, nobody will object if you take food from the buffet or another casual restaurant and bring it back to your room. However, you can always ask your server to plate up your meal to take with you or if you need to sit down at a specialty venue early for some reasons or leave the main dining room.

Can I bring outside food on the ship?

Yes, you can bring your own food on board, including snacks and products purchased in ports. Additionally, unless you're finicky or have a dietary limitation, there are affluent options onboard.

Can I get food with my dietary restrictions on a ship?

In short, the answer is yes. On most cruises, vegetarian meals are readily available in cruise ship restaurants. At the same time, low-salt, gluten-free, low-carb, and vegan dishes are accessible, or you can mention them in advance. Additionally, Kosher food is often prepared ahead of time and frozen for use during the cruise, but you must notify the cruise line in advance. Hence, it's better to inform your cruise line in advance if you have a tight diet or an allergy; otherwise, you can contact your travel agent or a cruise line's special needs department.

What foods cost extra on a cruise?

Even though cruises offer multiple meals and dining selections, some venues have an additional cost. On most ships the cruise line offers an alternative dining option such as a Steak House or fine Italian restaurant. These options require a reservation and a small service charge.

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What beverages are included on a cruise?

In most cruises, the total cost includes water, iced tea, lemonade or flavored punch, coffee, and tea. Additionally, alcohol is not free on cruises, and specialty coffee and luxury teas also have an additional cost. You can pre-purchase a drink package from most cruise lines in order to save some money.

Final words

On a cruise, most meals are free or included, comprising the buffet and a few casual eateries on the cruise ship. You can also choose a few alternate dining options in specialized restaurants that often incur an extra cost. One thing we know for sure, you will never feel hungry.

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