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What cruise line is best for world cruises?

Explore top cruise lines for unforgettable world cruises and travel in luxury and style. Get ready for the journey of a lifetime with all-inclusive amenities.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Many travelers dream of embarking on a world cruise. People want to explore various countries, continents, cultures, and landscapes all at once while traveling worldwide. As you plan to embark on the epic journey, it is important to compare cruise lines of your choice. You need to have knowledge about what amenities are provided by which cruises. Are they aligning with your choice, budget, and preference?

List of Best Cruise Lines in the World

1. Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises is well-known for its luxurious and culturally enriching voyages. They are committed to creating lasting memories that allow travelers to enjoy the places they visit. Viking provides many world cruise itineraries that span multiple continents and typically last 120 days. Their fleet is distinguished by smaller, more intimate ships that can accommodate approximately 930 guests, allowing for a more personal and personalized experience.

The ship offers shore excursions in every port. It has a Scandinavian style, which creates a calm and friendly atmosphere on board. Viking Ocean Cruises is a solid contender for a peaceful and more educated world cruise experience.

2. Cunard World Cruises

Cunard Line has a long and illustrious history in the field of ocean voyaging. Their world cruises, lasting 3-4 months, are the epitome of the classic transatlantic experience with a global twist. The Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Victoria from Cunard provide enormous rooms and a refined, traditional cruising experience.

Cunard's emphasis on formal evenings, where passengers dress to impress, is one of its distinguishing traits. This cruise line is suitable for travelers who value a more traditional and sophisticated ambiance and a diverse choice of enrichment programs such as lectures, workshops, and world-class entertainment.

3. Silversea Cruise Line

Silversea is synonymous with luxury and is preferred for sumptuous global cruise experiences. Their all-suite ships are known for their luxurious décor and attentive service. Silversea provides world cruises lasting up to 150 days, with expertly planned itineraries covering every part of the globe.

Silversea cruises are all-inclusive. That is, practically everything is included, from gourmet dining to shore excursions and gratuities. Passengers receive exceptional attention and service due to a guest-to-crew ratio of approximately 1:1. Silversea World Cruises should be on your radar if you're seeking a worldwide cruise where every minute is immersed in luxury.

4. Regent Seven Seas World Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Cruises is well-known for its all-inclusive luxury. Their world cruises, which generally span four months, provide travelers with unrivaled inclusion, from excursions and beverages to pre-cruise hotel stays and gratuities.

Regent's fleet consists of small to mid-sized ships, which provide an intimate environment with fewer passengers on board. The ships are exquisitely equipped, and the cuisine is excellent. Regent Seven Seas is a top cruise if you appreciate an all-inclusive world cruise experience with exquisite amenities.

5. Princess World Cruises

Princess Cruises is a well-known cruise operator noted for its diversified itineraries catering to a wide spectrum of travelers. Their world cruises are typically 90 to 120 days long, providing the ideal blend of duration and variety.

Princess Cruises has a more easygoing attitude than some of the more formal cruise lines, making it an appealing alternative for travelers looking for a relaxing yet enriching world cruise experience. In addition, the line offers outstanding onboard entertainment and enrichment programs, such as cooking demonstrations, seminars, and art courses.

6. Oceania World Cruises

Oceania Cruises is known for its culinary expertise and mid-sized ships that provide an intimate and elegant environment. Their 180-day world cruises are designed to engage travelers in numerous cultures and cuisines.

Oceania's ships are ideal for food enthusiasts, with specialty eateries overseen by famous chefs. While the company includes fewer amenities than some other luxury cruise lines, it compensates by focusing on destination-focused itineraries and wonderful cuisine. Oceania World Cruises may be your best choice if you are a food enthusiast who enjoys voyages.

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Choosing the Best World Cruise

When selecting a cruise line for your world trip, matching your preferences with the best fit is critical. Viking Ocean Cruises provides cultural enrichment and intimate experiences, while Silversea World Cruises offers opulent, all-inclusive trips. Cunard World Cruises delivers a classic, traditional environment with a diverse charisma, while Regent Seven Seas World Cruises excels in all-inclusive luxury. Princess World Cruises cater to many travelers in a more relaxed setting, whereas Oceania World Cruises are a food enthusiast's dream. Finally, the ideal option is determined by your travel style and priorities, as each cruise company provides a distinct experience.

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