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Viking Cruises have been taking travelers to all the corners of the world in an exceptional way, since 1997. The Viking Ocean cruise ships have a mid-sized fleet that can sail the big seas and oceans and also access smaller ports. So, explore the globe like never before with Viking Ocean cruise ships.

Revitalize Yourself on Board Viking Ocean Cruise Ships

Viking Cruises is a popular name in this industry and one that receives plaudits from anyone who travels. Once you check the Viking Ocean cruise ship reviews, you will see how satisfied the travelers are with the overall onboard experience.

Viking Ocean adventure can be felt across all seas, thanks to all the positive Viking Ocean cruise ship reviews, their first-class staff, and flawless services. Now, do you want to have a look at the Viking Ocean cruise ship list?

The newest addition to the Viking Ocean cruise ship list will be the Viking Saturn. The compact cruise ship will be one of the best in its segment.

1. Viking Ocean Cruise Ship – Destinations

Viking Ocean cruise ships cover an entire gamut of diverse destinations — Scandinavia and Northern Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Asia, and Australia. You have the opportunity to view places ranging from London to Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. On the opposite side, it covers Norway to Chile.

Guests get to select destinations in their Viking Ocean cruise ship itinerary and enjoy shore excursions that have been tailor-made for them. Viking Cruises ensures its guests get the best travel experience. From experiencing the ambiance to checking out the landmarks near each of the following ports, you get it all.

2. Viking Ocean Cruise Ship – Dining

The main menu on the cruise ship is designed according to the Scandinavian gastronomic delights. You can also taste Italian and some of the local cuisines from the ports where the ship has been anchored to. Excellent room service ensures that you can enjoy these culinary marvels in the comfort of your own room/suite. But if you want to, you could have your food in the open, on the Aquavit terrace, or in any of the restaurants on the ship. Manfredi’s Italian restaurant is a recommendable place if you are quite the foodie.

3. Viking Ocean Cruise Ship – Activities

Viking Cruises means innumerable activities during the entire trip. Therefore, you will have something to keep you engaged all the time. For starters, you could simply hang out at any of the pools on the cruise. Or better still, you could also undertake a shore excursion trip and enjoy yourself at the port you have anchored in; while you could even take a cooking demo class on the local cuisines! Isn’t that a wonderful thing to have as a pastime?

But that’s not all; you could chill out at the spa and rejuvenate both your mind and body. Additionally, you could taste some of the best spirits in the Viking Bar, which is close to the Atrium. If that’s not for you, then enjoy some hot tea and coffee along with delectable pastries. Owing to the Waffle hour, the Explorer’s Lounge is a great attraction too.

4. Viking Ocean Cruise Ship – Health and Fitness

The Liv Nordic Spa offers the best treatments to heal your mind and body. Then there is a state-of-the-art gym where you can exercise on treadmills and elliptical machines or stationary bicycles. There are also some yoga and pilates classes for getting all-around fitness.

5. Viking Ocean Cruise Ship – Amenities

Onboard Viking Cruises, you will get all the amenities that are as per the destinations on the itinerary. Cruise ship staples like multiple lounges, movie and performance theaters, a pool, and a library are available. You also get free Wi-Fi, different beverages, and concierge service for the suite guests.

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