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Founded on award-winning River cruising, Viking Ocean now offers ocean cruising as a new style of vacation. The Viking Ocean fleet is topped by the Viking Star, a ship that'll take you far away to the most exciting and engaging destinations. Get a Nordic perspective on things. Enjoy incredible scenery while relaxing in your accommodations and experience this brand-new cruise vessel's plush comforts. The new fleet boasts an all-veranda layout and every amenity you could imagine. When it comes to your next cruise, choose Viking Oceans.

Trending Viking Ocean Cruise Destinations

Having been in the industry for only a few years, Viking Ocean is one of the youngest cruise lines. Guests on their elegant ships can experience the best of Mediterranean culture through its cuisine and sights, such as Aix's lavender fields and the Parthenon in Athens, which still inspire artists and intellectuals today. Additionally, Scandinavian Viking culture and the Norwegian fjords are featured on northern European itineraries. St. Petersburg, Russia, is also included on some itineraries for a few days.

There are so many destinations you can visit on a Viking Ocean cruise, so what are the best ones? The following are some of Viking Ocean Cruise Line's trending cruise destinations.

1. Scandinavia and Northern Europe

Viking cruise itineraries often depart from or end in Norway, the homeland of the company's founder, Torstein Hagen, which makes Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea among Viking's most exciting destinations. In Hagen's words, Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea are the regions the company wants to dominate - what they call "Viking country." A surprising number of Viking ships sail around Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea during the summer, along with other Northern European destinations such as Iceland. No other lines use Bergen (pop. 286,000) as a gateway, despite its relatively small size. Typical Baltic Sea cruises or Norwegian fjords cruises can be modified that way. Its most popular route is Viking Homelands, which travels from Bergen to Stockholm, Sweden, in two weeks and includes a few days exploring Norway's west coast fjords and a few days traveling to St. Petersburg, Russia, and Helsinki, Finland, as typical Baltic cruise destinations.

2. Amazon

You can experience true adventure on the Amazon River with Viking Ocean Cruises! Before embarking on an adventure that is not for the faint of heart, explore the coastline of Brazil and classic Caribbean gems like St. Lucia and Barbados. While your luxurious Viking Ocean ship sails 900 miles along the wild Amazon River, you will have the chance to see the highly dense flora and fauna. Traditional cuisine and cultural events, such as the Parintins Folklore Festival, await at the riverside ports of Santarem and Parintins. With over 1,000 species of birds and 25,000 plant species to choose from, the lush Amazon Rainforest is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Brazil's unique wildlife, flora, and fauna will make every day of your journey, no matter what you do, a rewarding and memorable experience.

3. The Mediterranean

With over 30 unique Mediterranean itineraries, Viking has established itself as a significant player in the maritime sector. A wide range of voyages is offered, including some covering both the Western and Eastern Mediterranean sub-areas. Lines such as this offer 14-night trips between Athens and Barcelona that stop in Greece, Turkey, Italy, Monaco, France, and Spain on their Mediterranean Antiquities routes. Nine-night Mediterranean itineraries from Venice to Athens mainly focus on Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro on the eastern Adriatic Seaside. Athens, Greece; Piraeus (the port of Athens), Greece; and Istanbul, Turkey, are the line's main hubs in the Mediterranean.

4. Asia

Viking Ocean has curated an intimate regional exploration for travelers cruising to Asia to introduce them to Southeast Asia's subtleties. In the floating markets, you can interact with merchants, visit artisans in their workshops, meditate with monks in temples, admire classical architectural structures in ancient villages and towns, or explore beaches lined with colorful fishing boats. All Asian destinations are awe-inspiring because of their charm and splendor. On an Asian cruise with Viking Ocean, there's so much more to discover.

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Keeping their ships small was an intentional decision by Viking Ocean Cruises. Viking Cruises excursions often take you right into the center of the coastal city you'll be visiting, which allows them to reach ports other cruise ships can't. The value of the cruise comes not only from being in the center of the action but also from staying longer than most cruises, so you won't be rushed through sightseeing, tours, or the exploration you'd like to do. Contact us or talk with our experts to book your Viking Ocean Cruise Itinerary.

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