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Cruises to Amazon South America

About Amazon South America

Amazon South America

Embark on a trip towards one of the world's vastly unexplored places, the mighty Amazon. Cruising to the Amazon will be a life-changing adventure. This place is best for all nature lovers and people who search for adventurous trips. It is a place of the most mysterious realm of creatures, mystical shamans, and natural wonders. Generally, you will see fish swimming and long-tailed monkeys swinging through the trees. To get there, the locals travel in motorboats or narrow canoes. The cruise passengers have permission to sail in the Amazon River in Peru and Brazil. It is one of the world's most incredible trips.

Amazon (South America) Highlights

Cruise to Amazon to experience the most lush greenery rainforest in the world. Below are some Amazon region highlights.

1. Brazilian Amazon

Brazil is the home to a vast majority of the Amazon Rainforest. It is true that most of the Amazon Rainforest is in Brazil and offers a wide range of activities.One can hop on a river cruise or large cruise ship for a more intimate atmosphere. This Amazonian region offers many comfortable accommodations and knowledgeable guides. 

2. Peruvian Amazon

Iquitos is a charming city in this region of the Amazon. Served by river and air, it is an oasis. There is a bit of a price difference between Amazon cruises and other cruise destinations. Still, the style, comfort, and amenities are worth the cost difference. Due to its location, the Tambopata Research Center allows you to do an in-depth study of the Amazon.

3. Ecuadorian Amazon

Considering an Amazon cruise? Amazon cruises in Ecuador may not be as luxurious as cruises from Peru, but there are some affordable luxury ships. Travel to Amazon in Ecuador is easy and stress-free. Coca is a beautiful spot, and one can stay in a lodge there. From here, the speedboat ride takes about 2 hours, and the paddleboat ride takes another 30 minutes. 

4. Colombian Amazon

Nature is abundant in Colombia. Colombia's rugged western region covers a third of the Amazon. If you want to stay overnight, you need to transfer outside Leticia. This place is ideal for those who love being outside without going deep into the jungle. Leticia city and Brazil's Amazon make for an exciting combination trip.  

5. Bolivian Amazon

Amazonia is an untouched region of the world, so it retains its authenticity. Be sure to visit the Amazon basin while you're in Bolivia. There is a lot to discover in the Amazon basin. You can explore the jungle and learn about indigenous cultures. Furthermore, you should climb Rurrenabaque's peaks. Tourists might enjoy exploring this part of the Amazon since it might not be the most famous. 

Ports to Visit in Amazon (South America)

There are several places to visit in the Amazon, including Yasuni National Park in Ecuador, Iquitos in Peru, and Manaus in Brazil. Amazon cruises focus on its unique natural wonders, which attracted explorers from around the globe after Francisco de Orellana covered the river's length in 1541. There are some regions the Amazon Rainforest covers, and one must visit on their Amazon Cruise Destination.   

1. Brazil

Cruises on the Amazon River in Brazil take you to remote tributaries and past remote communities where nature is the highlight—taking in the diversity and cultures of centuries of isolation each day. Brazil's rubber boom led to the growth of Manaus on the Amazon. Its infrastructure mix European and Peruvian influences-there is a marble opera house built with Italian marble, bricks from Europe, and glass from France. Another exciting place to visit is the Municipal Market and Botanical Garden. Anvilhanas Archipelago is a natural wonder upstream from Manaus in the Amazon. It stretches almost twenty miles wide during the wet season. From the river bed, islands rise, creating green areas where wildlife can feed and breed.

2. Ecuador

The Indillama River, a tributary of the Napo River, is a popular stopping point for kayaking and bird watching on Amazon cruises. Within the Yasunipark, this observation tower offers guests from nearby lodges and cruises a unique view of the canopy. Visitors can come to learn about the different species of birds that soar overhead and rest in the treetops. In the Ecuadorian jungle, Yasuni Parrot Licks is the most accessible. You will see hundreds of colorful birds here when most cruise ships stop early in the morning.  

3. Peru

The Yanayacu River in Peru boasts pristine natural vegetation along its banks, river otters and pink dolphins in its waters, and remote areas where you can kayak and canoe. Moreover, the Samiria River reveals the natural diversity of the jungle and its creatures in its five million acres of PacayaSamiria National Reserve. A tributary of the Amazon allows you to experience the outlying areas without being disturbed by traffic on the main rivers. Rivers Marianon and Ucayali on an Amazon cruise, you can explore the Samiria National Reserve along the Maranon and Ucayali rivers. Located in the country's north, the reserve covers 8042 square miles. It is home to 500 species of birds, monkeys, deer, pumas, and jaguars, among many others. 

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