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Cruises to Scandinavia And Russia

About Scandinavia And Russia

Scandinavia And Russia

It will be relaxed and breezy on a cool morning as you sail through scenic towns, towering cathedrals, museums with fascinating exhibits, and complexes housing palaces after the palace. Scandinavia offers some of the world's most dramatic landscapes. There are several cultures and languages in this region, No matter where you decide to go, you will never be short of natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes. It is a region of stunning beauty, fascinating history, and architectural splendor extending from Northern Europe to western Russia and Scandinavia.

Scandinavia and Russia Highlights

Russia and Scandinavia offer an exciting mix of old and new culture and architecture. Besides Bruges' fairytale streets, Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens, and Stockholm's gardens, museums, and palaces, you can stop to explore Bruges, the blooming flowers of the Tivoli Gardens, and Sweden's many museums and parks. You'll walk along the pretty canal to the bustling Square of Arts and see St. Petersburg's architectural highlights, such as the Russian Orthodox Church and Menshikov Palace.

Ports to Visit on a Scandinavia and Russia Cruise

A cruise to Scandinavia and Russia allows you to explore beautiful destinations. These awe-inspiring itineraries will connect you with the rich history, nature, and culture of northern Europe and St. Petersburg. Additional ports include:

1. St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg provides an immersive experience into its historic royal opulence through its architecture, art, and culture. Attend a ballet performance at the Mariinsky Theatre, which opened in 1860 and hosted some of the best work by legendary composers such as Tchaikovsky. At the Fabergé Museum, over 4,000 objects can be found, including handcrafted eggs made with jewels, gold, and precious stones. Find many rare antiquities and prized possessions of the former Russian Empire at the Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace, founded by Catherine the Great.

2. Stockholm, Sweden

Visit the Bünsow House and several regal residences in Stockholm's Strandvägen, where you can see the intricate architectural details of the city's historic sites. Experience the city's streets from a unique perspective during a guided canal tour. Explore Stockholm's historic old town, Gamla Stan, a historic district built in the 13th century, home to museums, restaurants, and shops. On the island of Djurgarden, you can explore Rosendals Trädgard, a quiet public garden, museums, and an amusement park. Take a small glass of Snaps before your ship and dine on traditional Swedish fried herring. 

3. Tallinn, Estonia

When you see Tallinn's Old Town, you will feel as though you've stepped back in time since the Old Town is remarkably well preserved and features many original historical structures. You can also dine at the city's oldest eatery, Cafe Maiasmokk, which has been serving traditional salmon stew since 1864. Take a 360-degree view of the city and the Gulf of Finland from the observation deck of the Tallinn TV Tower, which stands 1,000 feet tall. Discover some thrills on the tower's outdoor terrace ledge with a Walk on the Edge experience, which lets you walk on the shelf while harnessed for safety.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded in the 12th century, Copenhagen is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The architecture of Denmark's monarchs is responsible mainly for the city's charm, and it is a treasure trove of Renaissance and Rococo buildings. The Venetian-like character of Copenhagen is well deserved. Built on a series of islands and islets, the city today features beautiful canals and some of Northern Europe's most stunning architecture. This statue symbolizes the city, depicting Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid. Explore the 500-year-old gabled houses and cafes at Nyhavn, the old harbor of Copenhagen. See the Rococo palaces lining Amalienborg Square or browse the shops along Stroget, the world's most famous street. Discover Europe's most celebrated pleasure garden, Tivoli Gardens, while tasting local delicacies.

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