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Cruises worldwide are easy, cost-effective, and accessible ways to travel around the planet. World cruises allow you to see dozens of bucket list destinations in one extended trip. The convenience of world cruises makes them so unique. You use just one mode of transport instead of cars, planes, trains, and buses. You're going to the same cabin the whole time on your world cruise ships. You can explore and discover the world from aboard a ship, making it your temporary home as you explore the oceans and seas. The best only unpack once!

World Cruise's Highlights

Discover the world's secrets without dealing with airports, packing and unpacking, and expensive meals. With an all-inclusive vacation, you can do it all. Go through these highlights for your world cruise.

1. An adventure for a lifetime

Taking a world cruise means hassel-free travel because it doesn't require planning, thought, and often extra energy to accept those delays. On a world cruise, you get plenty of time to catch different adventures for a lifetime. You won't miss any more buses or flights or have to book hotels in advance. You only have to worry about what onboard activities you want to do on your sea days! Or else think about your upcoming shore excursions.

2. Trying Different types of Cuisines

You can say that a world cruise is your passport to world cuisine. A world cruise is a perfect experience for foodies. You can sample food from various countries by combining 20 to 40 countries in one trip. In French Polynesia, tasty ramen noodles can be found in Japan, South Africa, Alaska, and many other places. Explore the street food markets of each place, sampling the finest ingredients available, or dine in a local restaurant and take recommendations from chefs and fellow diners. Food lovers will enjoy cruising the world.

3. Experience Exotic Destinations

Cruises around the world will allow you to see spectacular sights, from Cape Town, South Africa, to Bali, Indonesia, to the remote countryside of New Zealand. Regardless of how much time you spend in a destination, you will leave feeling as though you have connected deeply with its culture. Activities and tours include cooking classes, wine tours, in-depth tours of historical landmarks, and more that will showcase the destination's best and most unique aspects. Taking a world cruise can allow you to experience destinations you could never have imagined, but world cruising makes it possible.

4. Cultural Immersion

Only having a short time at each place is on the mind of many cruisers. The nice thing about cruising, despite this being mostly true, is that it allows you to immerse yourself in different cultures very quickly. In the shortest amount of time possible, Ship's Tours showyou all the best features of a particular place. If you prefer to explore independently, you can conduct research at sea and immerse yourself deeply in the local culture when you arrive.

Destinations to Visit on a World Cruise

On your world cruise, you must cross the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans regardless of their direction. Several "minor" seas are included in many itineraries, including the Mediterranean, Red, Coral, and Caribbean Seas. From the Americas to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific, world cruises take you to many of the world's most incredible destinations while sailing the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Pacific oceans. Below are some feature destinations to travel worldwide on a world cruise.

1. The Caribbean

 Most experienced cruisers desire to visit the Caribbean. One of the few paradises on Earth, it is known for its world-renowned beaches, turquoise waters, and relaxed atmosphere. With a dream world cruise, you'll experience an exotic paradise, forget about time, and escape to an exotic paradise. The Caribbean is divided into three parts: Western, Eastern, and Southern.

2. Alaska

Looking for a new kind of vacation or destination? Or are you tired of those same beach vacations and want something more adventurous? Hop on a world cruise and travel to one of the most expedition destinations in the world, Alaska.   While sailing slowly through the tranquil fjords, you will see the gigantic glaciers on either side. You will also feel the thrill of being surrounded by some of the most picturesque scenery on Earth. Wildlife and natural beauty are the main reasons people go on a cruise in Alaska. Experience salmon fishing, whale watching, and spotting eagles soar in the landscape as you watch the whales play.

3. Mediterranean

There are endless things to do on a Mediterranean vacation since the Mediterranean has long welcomed travelers. The best way to experience the Mediterranean is aboard a world cruise, taking advantage of the clear waters, beautiful beaches, and charming seaside towns. Some of the best Mediterranean countries are covered on a world cruise. They offer you the opportunity to explore the lovely, ancient harbors of Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, France, Monaco, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, and Turkey.

4. The South Pacific

Explore the idyllic beaches and pristine paradise of the South Pacific. Visit South Pacific Islands, French Polynesia, and Tahiti on a world cruise. Some of the most beautiful islands to visit on a world cruise in the South Pacific itinerary are Bora Bora, The Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Palau, Australia, New Zealand, Mystery Island, Moorea, Lelepa, Asia, and Thailand. Tahiti and French Polynesia are an adventure waiting to happen, with a subtle touch of French style. Visit waterfalls in Vanuatu on impressive hikes, or else experience the island-sized lagoon in New Caledonia that has shimmering aqua waters.

Note for World Cruise

Even though many world cruises do, not every cruise sails around the globe, from and to the same port. Several cruises take place on the same ship but depart and arrive in different ports. Others cover a specific, large planet area, such as the entire Pacific Ocean. One of our agents is happy to walk you through each itinerary in detail or check out for more information.

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