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Explore Viking Ocean Cruises Departure Ports

Cruise on Viking Ocean for an in-depth look at Europe. Taking their passengers on a cultural journey through Europe is important to Viking Oceans. Istanbul, Barcelona, and Stockholm are among the cities where their first set of itineraries will depart. Explore our site and contact our expert cruise consultants if you want to learn more about this  cruise line. Join them on a sailing expedition and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Viking Ocean Cruise Lines Departure Ports

Take in the world at a relaxed pace, and explore it in depth. They offer you the opportunity to explore fascinating ports that larger ships just cannot reach due to the small size of our elegant 930-passenger ships. Travel across six continents and experience enriching cultural experiences on our ocean cruises and world cruises.

Here are some of the best Viking Ocean Cruise Departure Ports. 

  • Bergen: There is no place like Bergen to experience Norway's natural beauty and admire the famous fjords.
  • Fuerte Amador: Home to underground tunnels once part of an early 20th-century military base, Fuerte Amador is a popular Panama Canal port.
  • Montreal: An all-encompassing city and cruise destination that combines Old World style with New World cosmopolitanism and French culture.
  • Tilbury: Experience what London offers, including history, iconic landmarks, world-class shopping, and a spectacular arts scene. 
  • Vancouver: Offering a sophisticated downtown and plenty of natural attractions, Vancouver can be your cruise destination or a launching point.

Top 5 Viking Ocean Departure Ports

Sail to your destination's heart on a Viking ocean cruise. The rich exploration of culture is just a short walk from your ship in world-famous cities like Venice, London, Hong Kong and Sydney, as well as lesser known ports like Kotor, Montenegro and Scotland's Shetland Islands. You will also spend more time in port with overnight stays in virtually all ports of embarkation and disembarkation. 

From where you can embark on a Viking ocean cruise, here's a sampling:

1. Viking Ocean Cruises from Greenwich

Known as the place where time began, Greenwich is a popular tourist destination. The Greenwich Meridian (0° longitude) and Greenwich Mean Time are named after this British oasis situated in South-east London. Greenwich is also known for its rich cultural heritage and historic sites that can turn the city into a charming village. Discover more about this UNESCO World Heritage Site by visiting the fascinating museums and exhibitions. Stunning views of the Naval College, the Thames, and the Cutty Sark are available on the walk up from Greenwich Pier:

Best Time to Visit: April to September

2. Viking Ocean Cruises from Los Angeles

You won't soon forget your pre- or post-cruise experience at Los Angeles' Port of Los Angeles! During your stay in the City of Angels, you will be able to see many attractions and things to do. When cruising from Los Angeles, you can also enjoy a variety of incredible destinations and itineraries. There is a rich and diverse culture throughout the area. Visitors can observe new 'Angelenos' every few minutes and meet new people. Visitors can also explore Hollywood and the hub of the movie industry firsthand, as well as learn how some of the nation's top media outlets operate.

Best Time to Visit: Between March to May and September to November

3. Viking Ocean Cruises from Seward

There is nothing like the charm and beauty of Seward, one of Alaska's oldest, most historic, and scenic towns. The Kenai Fjords National Park is also located in Seward, along with one of the nation's most lucrative fisheries. As a result of his effortless efforts to get the United States to purchase Alaska, William H. Seward earned the town its name. Seward is a popular Alaskan cruise destination about 125 miles south of Anchorage. This quaint town will make you fall in love with its beauty no matter what you do in it, whether you enjoy shopping or hiking in the nearby mountains.

Best Time to Visit: Early September 

4. Viking Ocean Cruises from Tokyo

Explore Tokyo, the world's leading metropolis, on a cruise. With technology so advanced you might think you've time traveled to the future, Japanese citizens rush from one place to another among towering skyscrapers. Although the Japanese citizens are courteous and have strict rules about etiquette, you can expect nothing but smiles and assistance despite the scurrying masses. Tokyo's former Imperial Palace, mostly in ruins but surrounded by well-kept gardens, gives you a glimpse of what Tokyo once was besides all its modern amenities. A 1600s Shinto shrine is also nearby, Senso-Ji. Every neighborhood in Tokyo is unique, from the expensive department stores in Ginza to the anime and manga fan community in Nakano. The Japanese culture can be explored on a cruise to tokyo.

Best Time to Visit: Between late Spring (May) and fall (September to October)

5. Viking Ocean Cruises from Stockholm

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is comprised mainly of 14 islands connected by 50 bridges. Waterways and greenspace dominate the city itself. The buildings of Stockholm are just as beautiful, with a mix of old and modern architecture dating back to the 1300s. With its edgy fashion choices and fast-paced music, Stockholm has always been on the cutting edge. The city has a variety of cafes and restaurants that you can find these cutting-edge locals dining in during the warmer months.

Best Time to Visit: May to July

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