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Cruises from Mumbai

Mumbai, India Cruises

Mumbai, India Cruises

You can immerse yourself in Hindu culture by visiting Mumbai, a fascinating city located on the Arabian Sea. Among the rock art collections in the Elephanta Caves are examples of the cult of Shiva. You should not miss the Gandhi Museum and House, dedicated to the memory of the man who played an essential role in the emancipation and independence of India. You should also visit Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus), the most beautiful Victorian building in the world. King George V's portraits, sculptures, and miniatures can all be found in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya museum.

Mumbai Highlights

Below are some highlights of the Mumbai port!

1. Culture and History

With a population of 20 million, Mumbai is one of the world's biggest and most populated cities, known until recently as Bombay. Mumbai serves many purposes; it is the center of Bollywood film production, a vital tech center, and a significant financial hub in India. While Marathi is the official language, several regional dialects are also spoken in Mumbai. Despite Mumbai's fast pace and hectic lifestyle, its best quality is how passionate city dwellers are about films, festivals, and events.

2. Shopping

Aside from duty-free shopping, there aren't many attractions near the cruise port. The Colaba Market and Chor Bazaar are popular places to shop for clothing and jewelry in Mumbai. Crawford Market is a must-see whether you're shopping for fresh fruits, vegetables, or other food items or just taking photos. There is no better place to experience Mumbai's chaos than this bustling market.

3. Local Cuisine

The street food in Mumbai will give you the best insight into the culinary disposition of the city. In Mumbai, masala dosas come with spicy tomato sauce, India's take on a crepe. A potato-and-onion bhaji is a popular vegetarian fritter at Chowpatty Beach when you cruise to India.

Interesting Spots to Visit

Looking for something to do in Mumbai? Be sure to take note of all the amazing things you would not want to miss when visiting Mumbai! Mumbai will surely expand your horizons and enchant you no matter what kind of holiday you plan. Check out these exciting activities by scrolling down!

1. The Gateway of India

This fantastic city sightseeing place is near Apollo Bunder on the Arabian Sea waterfront. It is a must-do to visit the Gateway of India, one of the most famous landmarks in Mumbai. The Governor of Bombay laid the foundation stone for this magnificent structure on March 31, 1913. A 26-meter-high building can be found here. Indian unity is expressed through a combination of Hindu and Muslim symbols. Street food vendors such as papri chaat and bhel puri are also common in this region.

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2. Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves are an architectural wonder on an Arabian Sea island stretching over 60,000 square feet. UNESCO has recognized this site as a World Heritage Site with amazing rock-cut caves depicting the Shiva cult. There is no other way to get to these caves than by ferry from the Gateway of India. A famous sculpture of Elephanta Caves is Maheshmurti with three heads, Nataraja and Ardhanarishvara. Among Mumbai's best adventure activities, you can admire this artwork, stroll on the island, and hike up Cannon Hill.

3. Day Out at Marine Drive

Walking along Marine Drive can be one of Mumbai's best experiences if you're unsure what to do during the day. A sailing ferry, a photogenic sunset, and a fresh breeze hypnotize the mind. Whether you're enjoying some quality time with your beloved, the best sights, street food, or walking together with your beloved, you can do it all together. Take a stroll on Marine Drive if your doctor has told you to do so every day if you're in Mumbai. A necklace illusion is created by the street lights along Marine Drive, also known as "Queen's Necklace."

4. Juhu Chowpatty 

The Juhu Chowpatty is a must-visit if you want to experience the culinary richness of the city. There are numerous small food stalls and street karts in this part of Juhu Beach. Mumbai's best street food can be found here. You can satiate your taste buds in Mumbai by tasting bhel puri, Sev puri, paani puri, vada pao, batata vada, misal pao, and ragda patty. Mangi Ferra and Little Italy are some Italian and continental restaurants near Juhu Beach. Their seafood platters are not to be missed. There are also horseback, camel, jogging, biking, and jogging trails available on Juhu beach, along with the food trail. Beachside yoga sessions are also available from a variety of groups.

5. Haji Ali Dargah

With the Arabian sea as a backdrop, Haji Ali's shrine honors the wealthy merchant who left worldly possessions behind after a trip to Mecca and became a Muslim Sufi saint. The Haji Ali Dargah can easily be found off the shores of Mumbai near Worli on a small islet. It is a place of blessing for people of all faiths and walks of life. A causeway surrounded by the sea on all sides is the only way to access the Dargah during low tides. Seeing the shrine lit up at night as the sea surrounds it is a divine sight. Designed in Indo-Islamic style, the tomb is made of glass. The shrine is located within a marble courtyard. An exquisite silver frame and marble columns support the brocaded red and green roof of the tomb within the mosque. It has marble pillars engraved with artwork that spells the ninety-nine names of Allah in Arabic patterns and blue, green, and yellow chips of glass. Islamic customs dictate that men and women pray in separate rooms.

What is the best month to visit Mumbai?

A pleasant weather period is between October and February, making this the ideal time to visit Mumbai. The monsoon season in Mumbai lasts from June to September. Taking a trek in Mumbai's surrounding hills during the monsoon is the best time to visit them because they are lush and green, with waterfalls gushing down. Mumbai is not a good time to visit when it is hot and humid in summer.

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