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Which deck is better on cruise ship?

Most expensive cabins and suites are generally on the highest decks. On the other hand, lower decks are more spacious.

By Cruise Booking Team

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You are planning a dream cruise vacation with your favorite cruise line but are confused about which deck would be ideal for your stay. Choosing a deck is very personal and subjective.

Which deck is better on a cruise ship?

Keep reading this article to understand the different types of decks and how you can choose the ideal deck and cabin.

How Many Decks Are There on a Ship?

Decks are the floors on a ship, and almost every cruise contains 12 to 16 decks depending on its accommodation capacity. 

Which Is the Best Deck for Having Access to the Amenities?

You have a choice while booking a cabin like it can be present in the center of a ship or at its lower deck. If your location is in the center, you will have easy access to the deck area, all the activities, and amenities.

However, the benefit of choosing a lower deck is that it can prevent sea sickness. In other words, the lower your cabin is, the less motion you will experience.

Which Is the Best Deck for Relaxation?

Those who want to spend a quiet and peaceful time on board can select a deck that is away from the lounge, pool, bar, engine rooms, casinos, and other prominent areas.

This is because these are the areas where most people would spend their day. So, you can be away in your cabin relaxing in silence.

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Which Is the Best Deck for Individuals with Restricted Mobility?

For boarders who have challenges in walking or moving, the ideal deck is where most of the activities happen. It’s helpful as if they wish to participate in any of the events, they can quickly join without much physical work. A room near the elevators is recommended.

Which Is the Best Deck for Enjoying the Views?

The rear deck area is the best to observe picturesque landscapes and spend some secluded time without getting distracted by people. So, you can choose a deck with cabins at the back that will provide you with more space and less crowd.

Although the upper decks might be more expensive, these offer the best panoramic views. However, there are some disadvantages to these upper decks. For example, there are more chances of seasickness, and you are generally away from the central activity zone.

Which Decks to Avoid?

Generally, the upper decks contain pools, slides, outdoor activities, water parks, etc. Therefore, these decks will remain occupied most of the time. However, if you are not a fan of crowds and loud noises, upper decks can be disturbing for you.

Nonetheless, if you want to be close to the party area to enjoy the nightlife, and loud noises do not bother you, you can certainly book a cabin on the upper deck.

Things to Consider for Deck Selection

Here are some of the important things to consider before selecting a deck. If this is your first time, note these, as they will come in handy when you make your cruise bookings.

  • Amenities: Before booking, check which amenities are included in your choice of cabin. 
  • View: Ask yourself whether you need a view from the room. If yes, think about which would be more appealing, sceneries of the sea or underwater pleasures.
  • Space: If you are traveling with your family and there are seniors, you may need all the cabins on the same deck. Additionally, you may require bigger cabins.
  • Ambiance: Not everyone likes to party or enjoy loud music. For those who want to relax and have a quieter time on board, choose your ambiance carefully.
  • Safety: Although every cabin on a cruise is safe and secured, you must familiarize yourself with the escape routes. Before you book a cruise, you can check their deck plan to understand their security features.

Final Word

The key takeaway from this article is that boarders must know what they want during this journey. It is up to them if they need a room with a view, quiet ambiance, or proximity to the happening zones. Once they finalize their requirements, it becomes easier to find the best deck.

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