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How Much Does a Cruise Trip Cost?

A cruise cost can vary depending on the cruise line, your duration, and other factors. Read this piece to get an overview of the subject.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruise fare can vary due to many factors like cruise lines, duration of stay, and other amenities that a cruise line provides. So, to know how much it will cost, you need to have a planned itinerary.

How Much Does a Cruise Trip Cost?

Moreover, like flight or cab fare, cruise pricing is always dynamic. Therefore, you should keep monitoring the fare from time to time and buy it when you feel comfortable. Continue reading to know about the different cruises and their price bracket.

What Is the Per Night Pricing of Popular Cruise Lines?

However, these are only the starting price; they can vary as per season, demand, and other factors. Also, since the price is dynamic, it is subject to change.

What Are the Things Included in the Base Fare of a Cruise?

Most of the advertised prices of cruises are the cost of their staterooms. Although generally, the cruise lines highlight the most inexpensive cabin, this fare includes access to every complimentary area like dining regions, pool area, gym, kids’ clubs, and more.

However, if anyone wants a better room, for instance, a cabin overlooking the ocean, veranda, porthole, etc. They can filter out these facilities before booking. The base fare excludes taxes and port expenses and gratuities/service charges.

If someone wants to add more perks, they can book special suites. This will get spacious and better accommodations, priority boarding, and in some cases, complimentary drinks, concierge services, and other benefits.

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What Determines the Cost of a Cruise Trip?

As you plan for a cruise, you might have to set a budget because there are various vessels you can get on board. Below we have three major factors that may affect this budget.

Cruise Duration

The longer your cruise duration, the more it will cost. For example, a three-night sail from Miami to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Cruise line costs around USD $199.00. On the other hand, a nine-night stay with the same cruise line and sailing from Miami can cost USD $969.00.

So, if you have a tight schedule or limited budget, try some weekend cruise trips that last for only three nights, and their cost starts from USD $350.00. Remember, these prices can increase or decrease in the future.

Sailing Time

It has been observed that the cost of a cruise changes drastically from one season to another. Therefore, if any cruise lines show an extensive fare during a particular time of the year, it is likely to charge less at another time of the year.

You can study the price changes if you notice there are high surges in cruise fares due to the holiday seasons.


Some cruise lines include offshore excursion charges along with their base fare. However, not all cabin fares may include this benefit. In most cases, those who book suites or cabins which cost higher than the normal cabins get to enjoy these perks.

Thus, knowing which excursions you want to experience is always beneficial, and whether your base fare includes that activity.

Additional Components

The general base fare varies on different cruise lines and only includes the cabin, dining, and basic amenities. Therefore, you must be clear about other facilities you need as they may be chargeable.

Some cruise lines may advertise special packages, including Wi-Fi or access to some activity zones with their base fare. It is, thus, suggested to keep an eye on these deals and compare the prices of popular cruise lines. It helps to have a rough idea of how much it will cost for the whole trip.

Final Word

In recent times, all cruise lines have been competing with newer and larger vessels and including more facilities on board. So, it is easy to find a cruise at competitive price with a little comparison. However, to save further expenditure, you can plan a trip during the off-season.

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