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How can I save money on alcohol on a cruise?

Have you already set aside a special drink you want to carry on your cruise trip? Then you will indeed be saving many bucks while enjoying the happy hours.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruise lines offer alluring trip packages that include lodging, food, transportation, and more. When added together, the total cost of visiting a group of beautiful port cities would be far higher if you had to pay for everything separately. How can cruise lines keep their prices so cheap while providing so much? The cruise line makes up the difference in the cost of the trip by selling you various products available on the cruise at high prices.

Sampling the best alcoholic drinks might get you out of cash. But what if you can do it under your budget without burning a hole in your pocket? Cold beer from the outside convenience store may save you a few bucks. It may be more expensive aboard the ship. Pay attention to the price of all those refreshing tropical fruit beverages calling you out the second you step beside the pool.

How Can I Save Money On Alcohol On a Cruise?

Do you want to sip some fine wines or a famous cocktail on a cruise? You might have to turn your pocket inside out. But saving money on drinks is possible with a few simple strategies. The following tips on saving extra money on alcohol will help you have a better cruising experience.

Bring your Wine and Prepare Personalized Sangria or Spritzers

A great majority of cruise companies allow passengers to bring a couple of bottles of wine on the cruise for free or for a minimal cover charge. Let out your creative side and drink cheaper by preparing self-made wine-based mixed cocktails. Make your in-cabin sangria with fruit and sugar from the buffet and a drink from the bar. 

Get Free Drinks by Playing and Winning a Cruise Contest

Various contests are held on a cruise ship. You will come across karaoke, honeymoon games, and craft competitions. Small-scale competitions, such as weekly quizzes, can offer winners a bracelet or other memento. But, the more prominent events offer bigger prizes and often provide complimentary champagne.

It has been seen that champagne is one of the grand awards for game show-style contests that demand participants to appear onstage.

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Look for Boozy Activities and Escapades On and Outside Ship

You may get alcoholic drinks at discounted rates or as a free sample through wine tastings or mixology workshops. If you want to make the economics work, you should question how much alcohol you get to consume.

Beach tours are another fantastic way to enjoy and drink cheaply. Envision a sunset cruise with a free-flowing rum punch or other cocktails.

Every cruise line offers the typical umbrella drinks. Some of the most popular ones are Blue Hawaiians, Margaritas, Bloody Mary, and Mojitos.

Be a Trusted Cruiser and Get Free Drinks Onboard

The same cruise line will usually give you drinks as a reward if you come for another trip. However, this is possible only if you have signed up for their rewards program. So, make sure you register yourself for the loyalty program with every cruise line you sail on.

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Buy a Beverage Package

Do you want to pay once and drink alcohol for the rest of your trip? Well, that is possible! Many well-known cruise companies provide beverage packages that comprise most alcoholic purchases made on the ship.

The drink coverage will vary depending on the cruise company and level of plan. You can also use the packages on the cruise company’s private islands. It would be sensible to book a seven-bottle package to get healthy discounts if you are planning a seven-day cruise. These packages are available online, and buying them early during your itinerary planning can be beneficial.

Choose to Buy Cheap Drinks on the Coast

Do you want to get tipsy at a low price? On days when you stop at a dock, head to land and enjoy a cocktail at an on-shore bar or restaurant. The nearby pubs are tempting to visitors since they often serve cheap happy hours to entice them. It is significantly less costly than ordering a drink onboard.

Final Takeaway

Make your cruising more enjoyable by taking full advantage of the cruise's happy hours, boozy activities, drink packages, and cocktail-tasting events. You may get alcoholic drinks at discounted rates or as a free sample through wine tastings or mixology workshops. Beach tours are another great way to get your favorite cocktail at a cheaper price. No need to worry anymore about spending extra bucks on alcohol following the tips provided in the article.

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