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How can I live on a cruise ship?

Cruise life is now luxurious yet affordable if you know the ins and outs of living for some time on a cruise. Get to know about it all in this post!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Imagine you are living full-time on a cruise, and it has everything you need to live the best life. But how does it really feel like living on a cruise? There is much more to know if you consider living on a cruise. There is no denying the fact that you won't feel like coming back after a cruise trip. It is why many people end up living full-time on a cruise amid the breezes and under the sun. 

Calling a cruise home is as exciting in reality as it sounds. And if you are considering retiring on a cruise, you might not be the only one doing so! Many people have done it and loved it, and guess what? You can be the one too! But before manifesting a life there, let's dive deep into all you need to know about living on a cruise ship. 

How can I live on a cruise ship?

Getting to live on a cruise is like a fantasy that you can live in reality. But before setting that dream free, let's understand the pros and cons of living on a cruise.

Pros and Cons of Living on a Cruise


  • Explore the world for real! That's true, permanently living on a cruise lets you explore different countries per your wish.
  • You get to experience shore excursions at lower prices.
  • It saves your expenses on food, gas, electricity, and water bills.


  • It may be expensive as you will pay a lot for tips, shore excursions, dining options, medical care, etc.
  • You will live with fewer belongings as there won't be enough space. You may end up renting a space to keep personal items.
  • There will be fewer medical facilities, so you might not get premium treatment if there is an emergency.

How To Get Started?

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of living on a cruise, it's up to you to decide if cruise life is the one for you! To get started with setting up your life on the waves, it's essential to know the following pointers to understand cruise life better.

Get in touch with a resident cruise

Finding a resident cruise is best if you are looking to switch to cruise life but are still deciding whether to relocate your home and belongings. Many cruise lines provide temporary resident cruises that allow you to sail for a particular season. You can be away for around 58 to 116 days to see if you can adapt to life on a cruise. And it will be all that you imagine it to be! 

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Purchase a cruise residence 

If you are sure of shifting permanently to a cruise, then it is best to buy a cruise residence. You will be given all the premium amenities like private studios, bedrooms, and a personalized food menu. Even if a ship does not meet your requirements, you can buy the one that suits your lifestyle. Get to live a king-style life on a cruise! 

Reserve consecutive cruises

Booking back-to-back cruises is another way of living on a cruise temporarily. By doing so, you will sail from port to port with every trip. However, several cruise lines provide two-year advance itineraries and loyal programs for regular guests for future bookings. You can always book such packages to enjoy your cruise life. 

Top Tips to Consider Before Living on a Cruise

Before setting up a new life on a cruise forever, you should know some basics of living on a ship. As you know how to get started, you must abide by some suggested tips and tricks. Here are some:

  • Test your cruise experience by taking a trip on a different cruise line. It will help you choose the one that suits your lifestyle. 
  • Consider contacting a financial advisor to know if you can afford to live on a cruise. They will render you the budgeting tips to keep your finances in check.
  • Once your financial advisors give you a thumbs up, try to get in touch with a travel agent. They will help you with deals to bridge the gap between expectation and reality.
  • Before onboarding your life on a cruise, it's important to take permission from your healthcare provider. It is necessary to check if you are physically fit for cruising. 
  • Try to socialize as much as possible with the people on board. It helps if a good bunch of people surround you.

Final Words

Remember when you first experienced your cruise trip and fell in love with how each day turned out? Living on a cruise is no less than a dream. But what if it is possible to live every day amidst the ocean? Well, you will be more than pleased to know that several cruise lines are providing temporary and permanent living on a cruise. All you have to do is be aware of all we have covered above, and you are set to hit the waves! 

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