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documents need on cruise
documents need on cruise

What documents do you need to go on a cruise?

A passport and visa are essential as you enter another country. Wondering which are the other important documents?

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruising around with your family and friends feels amazing, but when it comes to preparing for the same, you should be aware of the documents to carry along on your trip. There are several important documents to pack, from passports, visas, and boarding passes to travel insurance and luggage tags. Although now we have soft copies of everything, which makes it easier while traveling, it is still necessary to keep everything in mind.

What documents do you need to go on a cruise?

To help in planning a cruise trip, in this article, we have listed the essential travel documents and answered some common queries.

What are the Essential Travel Documents Required for a Cruise Trip?

The standard documents everyone needs to produce while on board are listed below.

  • State issued identification
  • Passport with a validity of six months from the first day of the cruise
  • Citizenship proof like birth certificates (if one does not have a passport) 
  • Travel Visas (if applicable for the region)
  • Health status questionnaire (if any cruise line provides it)
  • COVID-19 vaccination record card and forms (if applicable)
  • COVID-19 test results (if applicable)
  • Travel Insurance (optional)

Other additional documents you may need are:

  • Parking documentation (only applicable to those driving to the ports).
  • Luggage tags
  • Boarding pass

There are some questions many ponder before going on their first cruise. In the following section, we will address a few of them.

Who Needs a Passport for a Cruise Trip?

The answer to this question depends on the major criterion of citizenship. For example, suppose a U.S. citizen boards a cruise that departs and arrives from the same port within the U.S. and does not leave the Western Hemisphere. They do not need to show a passport. Instead, a photo identification issued by the government and proof of U.S. citizenship (original or copy) are enough.

However, if a U.S. citizen travels out of the "closed loop," they must show their passport before entering any country. While for non-U.S. citizens, it is mandatory to carry their passport or an equivalent document at every international destination.  It is recommended that you check the cruise line requirements prior to booking your cruise.

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Is Visa Required for a Cruise Trip?

The need for a travel visa depends on which country you visit. For the visa requirement, you can inquire with your travel agent or the official government website of the country you are visiting. Moreover, many countries allow guests to opt for a visa on arrival or an e-visa.

What are the Accepted Forms of Identification for a Cruise Trip?

The forms of identification vary based on nationality, departure location, and port of debarkation.

Forms of Identification Accepted From U.S. Citizens.

  • A U.S. passport valid for at least six months is one of the compulsory documents in ports outside the States.
  • Cruises sailing from U.S. homeports accept U.S. Birth certificates and a valid driver's license for guests over 16 years.
  • Valid Puerto Rican birth certificates. Those which are issued before July 2010 are invalid proof of citizenship.
  • Permanent Resident Card for the permanent citizens of the U.S.

Forms of Identification Accepted From International Guests (non-U.S. Citizens)

  • Every non-U.S. citizen will need a passport with a validity of no less than six months for both U.S. and international sailings.
  • In some instances, government-issued ID cards or birth certificates also work.
  • In the case of Europe sailings, national identity cards issued by the European Union and European Economic Area can be shown to travel to Schengen countries.

Final Word

It is advisable to prepare your documentation beforehand to avoid last-minute hustle before your vacation. Moreover, you may need to apply for specific documents, hence planning is essential. In addition, since the world is gradually recovering from the pandemic, you must abide by healthcare regulations.

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