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Short Cruise
Short Cruise

Is A Short Cruise Right For You?

Short trips are inexpensive but tend to be strict towards their itinerary. You need to get a proper insight into the details before hopping into one.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruising is a perfect getaway from typical touristy places on land. If you are planning a vacation to a beach, you have the opportunity to take a few days away to spend it on a short cruise trip. You board on a cruise or a liner, get to your room, unpack, and just enjoy a couple of days of food and entertainment without having to worry about where to go next. The seawater will be a spa of sorts, as you take a step back from city life’s humdrum and enjoy quiet amidst nature.

Most mainstream cruises take about 7-10 days for a whole trip to complete. As tempting as this stress-busting sounds, not everyone can afford a long holiday like that any time of the year. This is why cruise companies have started short 3-day 4 night itineraries, taking shorter routes to let passengers enjoy the tranquillity without affecting their school or work for long. 

Is a Short Cruise Right for You?

These short trips are ideal for travellers who are on a budget as well, being quick and inexpensive. Whether a short cruise is right for you or not, we shall find out.

1. Short trips are wildly inexpensive

If you are on a budget and yet willing to go on a short trip, you cannot have a better go other than a cruise trip. With a minimum price range for 3 days and 2 nights depending on where you are planning the trip, you can have a little escape from monotonous weeks. Now isn’t that a true bargain?

During peak hours, the prices are likely to soar higher. For example, if you plan to go on a short cruise trip during Christmas or New Year’s, the price will be higher than usual. Planning a trip during that time of the year can be made budget-friendly by booking your tickets and flights months in advance. If your trip is suddenly planned, try to fit the dates during the off-season to have a better value for your money. You can also contact travel agents and let them know your preferred time of time and they will contact you accordingly.

2. Short cruise trips are like a teaser

If you have never been on a cruise before, short-liner trips can be like a teaser, to find out whether you are comfortable with sailing on a ship. Not all people like the gentle rocking and sea-sickness that can hit them hard, but with a two-three-day trip, they can find out whether they are cut out for the same. While on the cruise and when it begins to sail, you can indulge in some of the luxuries the trip provides, like spa, lounging by the poolside, dining out, karaoke sessions, the private club of the cruise and so much more.

3. Short cruise trips are better with friends 

Cruise trips tend to have a party ambience, full of young people drinking cocktails, partying, and dancing all night long. If that is something you are looking for, a cruise liner can be your choice. Your friends and you can have a weekend full of mad fun. Making new friends and spending time with your friend — a short cruise trip can be the best way to do so.

4. Different itineraries to try

Back-to-back short trips to different locations can be the choice of many than a long vacation having to miss work. Many cruises keep changing their travel itineraries once every few months. Instead of paying a hefty price for a full-fledged long vacation up in the mountains or at an expensive beach resort, you can try having multiple, budget-friendly short trips on cruises. That way, you will end up having an adventurous time and a rather exciting time, all the way to even saving a few extra bucks.

5. Perfect for light packers

If you are someone who hates to pack or unpack while travelling, short-time cruising is a perfect way for you to enjoy a trip without having to pack too much. You will also not have to have an enormous trolley full of clothes for laundry.

So go out there, start looking for short cruise trips, and make your bookings accordingly. You can take your family, loved ones, and friends to have a mid-week or a full weekend of fun and make wonderful memories with them. For details on cruise trips, you can head towards

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