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What should you not pack on a cruise?

A cruise holiday is an exciting prospect for the entire family. With a little attention to detail, while packing, you can avoid unnecessary headaches during your cruise vacation.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise vacation is a dream experience for most families. Whether you are a first-time cruiser or experienced, the feel of the salty wind and the view of miles of blue ocean is something to look forward to. However, even experienced cruise travelers make rookie mistakes when it comes to packing their suitcases for the cruise. Whether you are traveling with a huge suitcase or light with just a backpack, here are a few things you can avoid taking for your cruise.

What should you not pack on a cruise?

Hair Dryer

Most ships come equipped with a hair dryer that you can use so you can leave yours behind at home.


Carrying liquor usually is prohibited on board most cruise liners, and your luggage is checked thoroughly each time you embark on the ship. If found, it will be confiscated, so it is best to avoid carrying liquor. The confiscated liquor is not returned to you at the end of the cruise and it just goes to waste. Some cruise liners allow you to get wine but will charge a corkage fee.


Irons are prohibited on cruise liners, so avoid packing one for your holiday. If you need to use an iron, you can request the steward, who will guide you regarding the same. Alternatively, you can carry one of the wrinkle-release sprays that work as effectively as iron. You spray the cloth that needs to be ironed and then expose it to some steam (which can be done while you shower), so the wrinkles get released.

Prohibited Items

There is a common list of items that are prohibited on almost all cruise liners. The list includes –

  • Devices with wheels like cycles, roller skates, Heelys shoes, etc. (these could prove dangerous on board)
  • Inflatables (these include kiddie pool inflatables).
  • Weapons (this also includes mace and pepper spray. Multipurpose Swiss Army knives are not allowed either)
  • Explosives
  • Drugs (Any illegal drugs are not allowed on-board. If found, you will be prosecuted as per the law of the land you are on at that time and handed over to the local authorities at the next port)
  • Drones (While drone policies vary as per cruise liners, most of them do not allow drones on-board)
  • Fresh Produce

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What you must take?

Just as there are certain items that you must avoid taking for a cruise, you must make sure you pack the below items –

  • Reusable water bottle – Cruise ships will have bottle refill stations across the ship, so make sure you take a reusable water bottle. It will save you big bucks (spends on buying multiple water bottles for your cruise duration)
  • Hand sanitizer – The ship is a public place, and carrying a hand sanitizer ensures your own safety and hygiene. You can also carry disinfectant wipes if you are a cleanliness freak. You can use these wipes to clean commonly touched surfaces in your cabin, like the door handle, phone, etc.
  • Personal comfort items – A cruise is for you to relax. Make sure you pack your requisite medicines, some essential oils, comfortable pajamas, warm clothes (depending on the destination), anti-seasickness medicine, an emergency kit, a torch with full batteries, your favorite candy, etc. These items may not be a must, but they will be nice to have on your cruise.

A cruise can be a fun experience, provided you prepare for it diligently. Once you have finalized your destination and cruise liner, take the time to do some homework. Go through the cruise line’s policies and carefully read the dos and don’ts. It will ease your packing process and also save you from unnecessary trouble later.

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