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Which month is the cheapest to cruise?

Cruise – the word itself brings visions of the saltiness of the ocean, clear blue skies, and more. But which is the best month to cruise? check it out now!

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise is an optimal way to visit multiple locations in a short period. While you sleep in your comfortable bed on the ship, it sails from location to location. It is usually a prepaid holiday. Food, water, entertainment – everything is taken care of by the ship. When the ship docks, you can choose to explore the destination as you wish.

A cruise vacation is something we all long to do at least once in our lifetime. Before the actual vacation, a lot of planning and research is involved. Even if you hire one of the travel planning companies to plan the cruise for you, it is still recommended that you do your homework to get the best out of your cruise experience. 

Which month is the cheapest to cruise?

If you are looking at a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise, they sail almost throughout the year. Having said that, cruise prices sometimes drop from the 2nd week of January to early February (after the holiday season) and sometimes during late May (when typically, the summer cruise season ends). Similarly, a Caribbean cruise during the hurricane season is also way cheaper than in the summer months.

The cheapest month to cruise often depends on your destination as well. If you are cruising a well-known route, there will be multiple cruise liners; hence, the chances of finding a cheaper one during a specific period are higher. However, if you are cruising a route like Alaska, then these cruises usually happen only at specific months of the year, and hence finding a cheaper cruise deal here (even during a specific month) is unlikely. You can save on an Alaska cruise if you opt for the last few cruises of the season. 

Decide other factors in line with your budget

Cruising sounds expensive, but it need not have to be. You can get good value for money if you do your homework properly. It is always better to opt for an all-expenses paid trip so that you do not go overboard with spending on the ship. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the ala-carte rates for food and beverages on cruise ships can be quite high. You should check out the different cabin categories that your cruise liner offers. These also have a huge cost implication. A small inside cabin without any windows is much cheaper than a suite.

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Select an appropriate cruise ship

After finalizing your destination and the embarkation point, the cruise liner is your next big decision. You need to do your homework carefully here, as the type of cruise liner you choose directly impacts your budget. There will be multiple cruise liners sailing along the same route. You must pick the one depending on your budget and the facilities you expect from your cruise.

Are you looking for a huge luxury cruise liner, or are you looking for a small, intimate liner? Are you traveling with kids, and do you need facilities for them? Are you looking at an all-inclusive paid trip, or are you looking at paying only for the cruise, and the food, water, laundry, etc., will be paid on a usage basis? When all these decisions are taken after careful analysis, cruising in any month can become affordable!

To Summarize

Choosing the best and the cheapest cruise can be a bit tricky. Whether you are a first-time cruise traveler or have gone on cruises before and are looking for a new one, you need to pick a cruise that will help you get the best out of your budget and also have a good time. Destination, budget, weather, cruise liner facilities, route, food options, embarkment ports, time of travel. – are a few factors you need to keep in mind before booking a cruise. The best thing to do is to find a good deal and then take it to a trusted travel agent.

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