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How to save money when booking a cruise?

Here are the top 7 tricks to save extra money on your cruise trip. Check out the guide to get the best offers at the most affordable rates.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise trip offers one of the most idyllic vacation plans. With a scenic panorama of the horizon, your vacation is enriched with lots of fun activities onboard. However, enjoying a cruise’s amenities may sometimes be a little pricey.

Especially if you do not plan your trip appropriately, you might be forced to spend more than you intended. Cruise trips do not need to be that expensive, and it is quite easy to save money on one.

How to save money when booking a cruise?

Continue to read to learn the best tricks to save some extra greens when you book your tickets.

Top 7 Tips to Save Money on a Cruise

Saving money on cruise ships needs a little planning and some strategy. Follow these tricks to get the most out of your cruise trip with some extra savings:

Tip 1: Plan in Advance

Planning gives you an advantage in terms of price and gives you better authority over your vacation. Cruise lines increase prices as the date of the journey comes closer.

Booking allows you to avoid the last-minute price hike. It also helps you tally the prices and choose the right itinerary at the best price for you and your family.

Tip 2: Go for Combo Offers

Generally, drinks are expensive at the different bars and lounges onboard. It is a good idea to go for combos to escape from paying too much.

Different cruise lines issue various combo offers. Book your bundled food and drink packages well in advance to avoid paying exorbitant prices onboard.

Tip 3: Look for All-inclusive Deals

Certain Cruise lines are known to offer all-inclusive deals on a few trips. That means once you have paid the booking price, you will not have to pay for anything else.

You can access all the activities and even get shore credits sometimes. Look out for such offers and bag an awesome deal for your vacation.

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Tip 4: Get Info About the Sale

This may sound a bit unusual, but Cruise lines have a sale! There are occasional sales you can find on cruise lines. If you book during these periods, you can bag some added benefits with exciting offers on Food and Beverages.

You may also get Onboard Credits that are redeemable on various activities offered by the Cruise line.

Tip 5: Loyalty Program Enrollment

Most luxury cruise lines have something called the Loyalty Club. Enrolling in one of those clubs will give many exclusive perks and benefits like private decks and activities.

Not to mention that Loyalty Programs also give you access to some exciting discounts on the overall booking price.

Tip 6: Check with your Credit Card

Most credit card merchants these days bundle in an array of discounts and reward points with the card. You can get rewards for booking tickets using your credit cards.

These reward points are later redeemable onboard the cruise line. Check with your merchant to know about the kinds of offers you are eligible to receive.

Final Note

One of the hacks for saving money on a cruise line is to book your tickets onboard. However, if you are traveling with family, this option may not be that suitable. Since you are booking at the last moment, you may be forced to get substandard accommodation. Last-minute booking is undoubtedly less expensive, but it can also be uncertain. 

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