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How much are gratuities on Royal Caribbean Cruises?

Confused about gratuities on Royal Caribbean Cruises? Know all about the tipping policy on the Royal Caribbean Cruise line.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Gratuities are part of cruising. This is done to appreciate the people providing the services, and the amount is shared among staff, including service teams, stateroom attendants, culinary service staff, and bar.

How much are gratuities on Royal Caribbean Cruises?

Gratuities on Royal Caribbean Cruises

An automatic 18% gratuity is added on mini bar purchases and beverages. You can adjust your daily gratuities at the guest relations.

The following are the gratuities on Royal Caribbean cruises:

  • For guests in Junior Suites and below, an automatic gratuity of $16.00 is added per day for an individual.
  • For guests in Grand Suites and above, an automatic gratuity of $18.00 is added per day for an individual.

Royal Caribbean Tipping Policy

Royal Caribbean adds a gratuity of 18% on all salon and spa purchases. You can get the gratuity charges added to your daily bill onboard the ship or you can choose to prepay it while booking the cruise.

The tipping policy of Royal Caribbean cruises ensures fair distribution of gratuities and appreciation among its skillful staff.

My time dining on Royal Caribbean Cruises

This is an option that allows you to dine any time you want, unlike traditional dining, where you will be assigned a time for dining. This option is available at the time of booking. In My Time Dining, gratuities are added to your dining bill automatically. This includes tips for all attendants and dining staff.

Since you might be served by different members of the same service teams, this automatic gratuity ensures fair distribution of the gratuity and appreciation.

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Is paying gratuities mandatory?

The gratuities on Royal Caribbean Cruises are automatically added to the SeaPass account of the guests if they have not been pre-paid prior to boarding. You can adjust the daily gratuity at guest relations.

The people providing the services work hard throughout the cruise to ensure you have a stress-free vacation. Gratuities show your appreciation for all they do. Should you prepay the gratuities?

Prepaying gratuities comes with a lot of benefits. You can prepay gratuities while booking a cruise with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Prepaying gratuities can help you relax onboard as you don't get the daily gratuities added to every purchase you make. Hence, your bill does not go higher with the added gratuities onboard.

With price fluctuations becoming common, prepaying the gratuities will save you from paying extra onboard. Tipping separately can result in unfair distribution; hence, prepaying gratuities solves that problem.

Advantages of gratuities on Royal Caribbean Cruises

Paying gratuities can help you in the following ways:

  • It ensures fair distribution of fares to all the working staff members onboard.
  • It ensures better service. If you remove the gratuities, it may affect the services provided to you by those people whom you refused to pay.
  • Since there are different types of services, it saves you from confusion onboard regarding how much to tip.
  • If you do not pay gratuity because you want to appreciate service providers separately, you can complement the staff of your choice without removing the gratuities.

Final word

All cruise lines have gratuities added to the cruise fare. Gratuities are not just money but a token of appreciation for all who work relentlessly to make your cruise experience memorable.

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