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Which cruise lines have the best deals?

Find out the best cruise deals to get the most out of your money.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruising is arguably one of the most comfortable ways to travel around the world. You get an exciting itinerary with all the important port cities available for shore excursions. All you need to do is hop from one port to another in the comfort of your luxury cruise.

In addition, the comforts of a cruise line get more intense with great offers and deals. So get the most out of your travel with the following cruise lines offering the best deals.

Which cruise lines have the best deals?

There are several cruise lines across the world to offer exclusive deals on their rides. It unlocks an assortment of luxury services and amenities to make the most of your vacation. Following are the cruise lines with the best deals –

1. Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is famous for offering some of the greatest tours across the Pacific and Caribbean. It comes as one of the most affordable cruising options. Caribbean projects a versatile onboard experience for people of all age groups.

Following are some of the key features of Royal Caribbean –

  • Accommodations: Easy upgrades on the bookings
  • Exclusive attractions: North Star, Zip Line, Whirlpool
  • Destinations: Caribbean, Bahamas, Europe, Alaska, South Pacific

2. Carnival Cruise

This cruise line is known for offering frequent discounts on its rates. It has affordable attractions for guests onboard. Most activities onboard the Carnival do not require any additional charges as they are included in the booking prices.

Here’s what you can get on Carnival –

  • Pricing: Great offers making it one of the cheapest cruising options
  • Exclusive attractions: Cloud 9, Skyride, Waterworks
  • Destinations: Transatlantic, Hawaii, Panama, Alaska, Australia, Europe, Mexico

3. Norwegian Cruise

Norwegian boasts a brand new fleet of ships with luxurious amenities. Norwegian fleet is known for its casual atmosphere. Plus, it gives you a range of unlimited refreshing drinks included in your booking price. Here is what you can get on the Norwegian –

  • Less Structured: Freestyle cruising where you can come and go as you like with no time limits
  • Exclusive attractions: Race track, Observation lounge, World-class entertainment
  • Destinations: Greek Isles, Bermuda, Mediterranean, Africa, Mexican Riviera, Northern Europe

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4. Celebrity Cruise

Celebrity cruises are known for various interesting onboard activities. Its impeccable design and superior hospitality are famous among the patrons. Celebrity also offers you access to a series of onboard activities.

Here is what you can get out of Celebrity Cruise –

  • Exclusive attractions: American Ballet Theatre, Deal or No Deal, Persian Garden
  • Destinations: Galapagos, South Pacific, Transpacific, Antarctic Ocean

5. Princess Cruise

Princess Cruise line ensures an absolutely Zen experience for each of its patrons with a series of wellness pursuits. Be it a family, couple, or a single traveler – Princess is equipped to cater to all guests. She offers several categories of entertainment programs and varied cuisines to suit every palate.

Specialties of Princess Cruise –

  • Exclusive attractions: Discovery at SEA program, Festivals of the World, Top Deck Sanctuary (adults only)
  • Destinations: Canada, New England, Tahiti and South Pacific, Mexico, Japan, Caribbean

6. Holland America

If you want to have quiet time and personal space, this is it. Taste the quaint luxury of cruise travel with the exciting offers from Holland America. This one is ideal for a weekend retreat with your friends and family.

Following are the features you can get on Holland America –

  • Exclusive attractions: BBC Earth in Concert, Explorations Center, Local culinary delicacies
  • Destinations: US and Canada, South America, Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand

Final Note

Keeping these cruise lines in mind when you book tickets will make the best of your next vacation. You can also enroll in their loyalty program to get some added benefits and perks on top of the awesome deals.

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