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How to get last minute cruise deals?

Make your last-minute booking easier. Here to take a quick look and get hooked on the best cruise deals at the last hour.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Last-minute booking can be very hectic and brisk. But, with the right tips and strategy you can avail some of the best deals even at the end hour. These will help you to find the right deal at an affordable price. So, keep reading to take a sail to your favourite holiday destination at the last minute.

How to Get Last-Minute Cruise Deals?

Here following are some tricks that can help you get the best last-minute cruise deal:

1. Loyalty Programs on Official Cruise Line Websites

Depending on the loyalty program tier you are in, the cruise line offers selective booking charges. For instance, in a cruise line’s VIP tier, the price they will charge from you will certainly be lesser. Further, you will have more complimentary advantages as compared to someone who is not a VIP member.

2. Taking Assistance from a Travel Advisor

One good saver in finding the best last-minute cruise deals is to get in touch with a travel agent. It has two benefits; firstly, travel agents are more aware and have in hand knowledge of the best offers going around. Secondly, many travel advisors have partnered ties with cruise ship lines, and thus, can offer you some of the big saver deals to hop on.

3. Journey Costs

Often we tend to forget to put emphasis on the journey part before onboarding the ship. This means that it is crucial to value your airfares, or the means of transport you will be using. Always include that cost in the overall booking process till you board the ship, or you may tend to spend excess than the required amount.

4. All-Inclusive Cost Trips

Try to opt for booking deals that have all-inclusive costs for all the facilities available on the ship. It is helpful to find such deals at the last minute, so as to not end up spending more than your budget while cruising.

5. Book During Shoulder Season

The shoulder season is the period before and after the peak holiday seasons. On holidays, the demand stays high and therefore, it is only natural for ship lines to incur more profit. Therefore, we suggest you book prior to get happy hour discounts and cheaper fares.

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6. Special Fares for Kids

Many cruise lines offer special fares on kids, and some do not even charge any cost for couples travelling with children. These are some best tricks to look out for. Hence, look for those cruise ship voyages where less or no price is levied for kids.

7. Flexibility in Trip Dates

One tip to always keep in mind when you are booking at the last hour and expect the best deals available is to be flexible with holiday dates. You may expect restricted options to go onboard, but these ship lines may offer more cost-saving fares. Hence, be a little flexible while choosing trip dates. This will only help you save more, and have a cost-friendly voyage.

8. Consider a Guarantee Cabin

Guarantee cabins are staterooms/cabins that you might get an upgrade to if the room you have booked does not have any more occupancy capacity. Often you may have the chance to get a complimentary upgrade, but on other occasions, you may get a room in the same category you booked in. Hence, in case of last-minute bookings, you get the room category you have booked in as your final stay throughout the cruise.

9. Subscription Alerts

Before you decide on taking a voyage, we recommend subscribing to your choice of cruise lines. Doing so will help the cruise line notify you about any exciting deals, offers, or discounts they are offering. This is especially helpful at the end hour as any chances of missing out on exciting deals reduce, and you get to catch hold of favourable discounts to book last minute.

Final Word

Before you head out on a voyage, check all the necessary documents that you will carry. Doing so will help you not miss out on any important document, in the rush of booking at the last minute. Furthermore, always look out for the best available options and opt for the one that best suits you.

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