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How much is a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska?

Get on the most stunning cruise experience to Alaska. Here to browse all-inclusive tours from Vancouver.

By Cruise Booking Team

Book a Cruise to Alaska

Vancouver is voted as one of the most popular cruise terminals in North America. From Vancouver, you can opt for several cruising experiences to Alaska. You can either choose to take a round trip back to Vancouver or embark on a one-way trip.

What distinguishes a cruise trip to Alaska lies in the route. Cruises on this route take you through the picturesque “Inside Passage of Canada”, enchanting you with a once-in-a-lifetime tour.

How much is a cruise to Alaska from Vancouver?

Vancouver to Alaska Cruise Charges

There are various cruise lines offering tour plans to Alaska. Following is a list of prices and services across different cruise lines so that you can make an informed choice.

1. Norwegian Cruise Line

Onboard Norwegian ships, you can experience the stunning natural beauty of Alaska. It takes you on an unforgettable journey through the glaciers of Alaska. Moreover, you will get shore excursion credits with this booking as well. Use it to take part in various experiences.

  • Duration – 7 Nights (one way)
  • Prices – Starts from $199 and goes up to $949 
  • Benefits – Free internet, shore excursion credit, included service charge, drink specials, onboard credit (most things are inclusive)
  • Itinerary - Vancouver (Canada), Ketchikan (Alaska), Juneau (Alaska), Skagway (Alaska),   Glacier Bay (Alaska), Hubbard Glacier (Alaska), Seward (Alaska)

2. Holland America Cruise Line

Holland America offers one of the most compact and affordable trips to Alaska. If you are short on time and want to experience the breathtaking views of the Inside Passage, this one is ideal for you. Catch a glimpse of Alaska with exciting shore excursions from Ketchikan.

  • Duration – 5 nights (round trip)
  • Prices – Starts from $295 and goes up to $679
  • Benefits – No added perks
  • Itinerary – Vancouver (British Columbia), Ketchikan (Alaska), Prince Rupert (British Columbia), Vancouver (British Columbia)

3. Royal Caribbean Cruise

Relax in the tranquil splendor of the North Pacific Ocean onboard Royal Caribbean. It is renowned for its spacious stateroom and gigantic viewing decks. You will also get some exclusive entertainment opportunities on your way to Alaska.

  • Duration – 7 nights (one way)
  • Prices – Starts from $353 and goes up to $1830
  • Benefits – No added perks
  • Itinerary – Vancouver (British Columbia), Juneau (Alaska), Icy Strait Point (Alaska), Sitka (Alaska), Skagway (Alaska), Seward (Alaska)

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4. Celebrity Cruise Line

Embark on a lavish cruise experience with Celebrity Cruises from Vancouver to Alaska. The trip includes food and beverages; your booking also gets access to various onboard activities. So much so that you won't even realize how soon seven nights can pass.

  • Duration – 7 nights (one way)
  • Prices – Starts from $349 and goes up to $6765
  • Benefits – All included, buy one get one offer, retreat packages, onboard credit
  • Itinerary – Vancouver - British Columbia | Ketchikan - Alaska | Icy Strait Point - Alaska| Juneau - Alaska | Skagway - Alaska | Seward - Alaska

5. Princess Cruise Line

Depending on the time you have, Princess Cruise has both 4-night and 7-night trips for you. Savor the luxury of Princess with inclusive food and drinks benefits. Princess Cruise is known to offer some of the best cuisines onboard. You may choose from the existing menu or have your own customized dish from the chef.

  • Duration – 4 nights/ 7 nights (One way)
  • Prices – Starts from $347 and goes up to $747 (4 nights)
              – Starts from $349 and goes up to $2383 (7 nights)
  • Benefits – Free internet, drink specials, dining specials, value plus services
  • Itinerary – For 4 nights:  Vancouver (Canada), Ketchikan (Alaska), Seattle (Washington)

For 7 nights: Vancouver (Canada), Ketchikan (Alaska), Juneau (Alaska), Skagway (Alaska), Anchorage (Whittier), (Alaska) (7 nights)

Final Note

Summer (June – August) is the ideal season to visit Alaska for a vacation. However, winter (December – March) is the best time when you will see the northern lights and enjoy skiing, dog sledding, and other winter sports. Once you have reached the port, you can take shore excursions or begin your personalized trip based on the itinerary. 

*All rates are based on double occupancy and are subject to change.

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