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How Much Does It Cost to Go on an MSC Cruise?

Planning to go on a cruise but confused about which one to choose? MSC Cruises sails across the world. Check out how much it costs.

By Cruise Booking Team

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MSC Cruises is one of the most luxurious family cruise lines that sail across the globe. It has been in this business for several years and is recognized as the world's third-largest cruise company. Since it is one of the ruling cruise lines, many people obviously prefer the MSC cruises over the rest. If you are planning to travel on MSC cruises, check out how much it costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Go on an MSC Cruise in 2023?

A trip cost on the MSC cruises can vary as per your cruise ship, trip duration, and the kind of rooms you choose.

1. MSC Virtuosa

If you are starting your journey from Southampton and taking MSC Virtuosa to Le Havre for one night, your fare can be as low as $59. However, this can change depending on the kind of rooms you choose. Virtuosa has 19 decks; you can choose your stay from Deck 5 to Deck 19. Each of these decks has several restaurants to relish good food in a world-class ambiance.

  • Interior Rooms: $59 per night 
  • Ocean View Rooms: $99 per night
  • Balcony Rooms: $139 per night
  • Suite Rooms: $229 per night

2. MSC Fantasia

Those planning a Northern Europe voyage from Kiel to Copenhagen on MSC Fantasia can choose to stay from a wide range of accommodations. Generally, these costs are inclusive of accommodation and access to certain dine-in restaurants, on-deck activities, and entertainment options. Furthermore, since this ship is suitable for families, you can also expect various teen and kids-appropriate activities. One can also enhance their cruise experience by booking off-shore activities while confirming their booking. Typically, these charges are not always included in the general fare.

  • Interior Rooms: $69 per night
  • Ocean View Rooms: $99 per night
  • Balcony Rooms: $139 per night

3. MSC Lirica

A trip to Marseille from Genoa on MSC Lirica can cost around $59 and go up to $199 per night. MSC Lirica is another lavish and elegant ship that offers guests the utmost comfort and hospitality. There are abundant intimate spaces for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Lirica also has an underground Broadway Theatre for your entertainment. However, the ship has recently enlarged its restaurant and buffet areas to accommodate more guests.

  • Interior Rooms: $59 per night
  • Ocean View Rooms: $89 per night
  • Balcony Rooms: $149 per night
  • Suite Rooms: $199 per night

4. MSC Musica

Another popular cruise ship from the MSC cruise line is Musica. It also travels from Genoa to Marseille, so if you are planning a trip to the same destination, you can also consider MSC Musica. This has recently launched an eco-friendly cruise ship. You can choose from the four types of accommodation available on the ship. Additionally, there is a theatre, disco, casino, lounge and bar, art gallery, boutiques, etc. You must check which of these are included in the fare.

  • Interior Rooms: $69 per night
  • Ocean View Rooms: $99 per night
  • Balcony Rooms: $149 per night

5. MSC Orchestra

MSC Orchestra is a huge vessel that can accompany over 3000 guests and 900+ crew members. This ship has sixteen decks in total, and on each deck, you can find accommodation, dining areas, activity zones, etc. If you want to add further excursions, you may have to pay extra along with your basic fare. MSC Orchestra sails to many destinations, and its rate changes accordingly. Here is the room rent for a trip from Cape Town to Durban.

  • Interior Rooms: $149 for three nights
  • Ocean View Rooms: $239 for three nights
  • Balcony Rooms: $339 for three nights
  • Suite Rooms: $829 for three nights

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Apart from these five MSC Cruise ships, there are seventeen more vessels. You can choose any of them for your upcoming cruise trip. MSC Cruises is a huge name in the industry. You can call it a combination of luxury, elegance, and new-age technology. Even with a last-minute plan, our MSC cruise deals have you covered. Book your dream cruise now!

*All rates are based on availability and are subject to change.

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