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How much are daily gratuities on Celebrity Cruises?

Confused about gratuities on Celebrity Cruises? Know all about the tipping policy on the Celebrity Cruise line.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Celebrity Cruise line does not allow its passengers to tip attendants onboard. Celebrity Cruises appreciates all its attendants for their services through gratuities. The celebrity cruise line has devised a gratuity policy. In the aftermath of a global pandemic, many cruise lines have increased their gratuities on cruises because of global disruption. The celebrity cruise line has increased their daily gratuities on celebrity cruise since 2022.

How much are daily gratuities on Celebrity Cruises?

celebrity cruises add 20% gratuity on beverage purchases, including bars and other related packages. You can adjust your daily gratuities at the guest relations.

Celebrity Cruise line has increased gratuities on celebrity cruises since 2022. The cruise line has added and updated the following gratuities:

  • For Veranda staterooms and ocean view, the cruise line adds a gratuity of $17.50 per day
  • For Aqua Class staterooms and Concierge Class, it adds a gratuity of $18.00 per day.
  • It adds a gratuity of $21.00 for a person spending a day at The Retreat.

Celebrity Beyond Tipping Policy

It adds a gratuity of 18% on all salon and spa sessions. Specialty dining, including all the onboard dining packages, is included in the tipping policy of the celebrity cruises. For which it adds a gratuity of 18%.

However, the gratuity amount changes for various parameters, and the Celebrity Cruise line is increasing its gratuities on celebrity cruises.

Always Included on Celebrity Beyond

This is a type of special fare on Celebrity Cruises that includes many perks making your holiday easy and hassle-free. This all-inclusive package includes Wi-Fi, beverage packages, and daily gratuities with every cruise you book.

The cruise line adds the always-included pricing as the base price to every passenger's account. For this reason, you cannot choose to opt out of it.

Is Paying Gratuities Mandatory?

Gratuities are automatically added to the Sea Pass account of passengers when they board the cruise, if they have not been pre-paid. However, you can adjust the daily gratuities onboard with the guest service team.

Should you Repay the Gratuities?

Pre-paying your gratuities can help you relax on the cruise. Paying gratuities in advance helps reduce your bills onboard, and you can be stress-free. Also, it keeps the overall expenses onboard much lower.

Paying gratuities in advance is a fair way to appreciate all those who will serve you on the cruise. Due to fluctuating prices, paying gratuities beforehand can save you from extra expenses.

Advantages of Gratuities on Celebrity Cruises

Paying gratuities can help you in the following ways:

  • It ensures fair distribution of fare to all the working staff members onboard.
  • It ensures better service, and if you do not pay the gratuity or remove them, it may affect the service as all these people work hard to give you a good service. A little appreciation will help them work better.
  • It saves you from confusion onboard regarding how much to tip. Since there are different types of services, you can get confused about how much to tip and to whom.

Pre-paying gratuities is the best option to reduce your overall expense onboard and have a relaxing time on the cruise.

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