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Data Safe When Cruising
Data Safe When Cruising

How to Keep Your Data Safe When Cruising?

Planning a cruise trip? Your data might be vulnerable to hackers. Click on this article for the top five tips for avoiding a cyberattack on a cruise journey.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Whether you are on land or at sea, cybercriminals are opportunists. They are always looking out for the tiniest mistake on your part, which gives them access to your private information. These lucrative opportunity-seekers involve threat actors and malicious insiders who are, unfortunately, part of the collective cyber threat.

how to protect your data while cruising

Keep reading this article to find the best tips for protecting your data on a cruise trip. It is the utmost necessity of the day to stay aware of cyber threats and act accordingly, whether living your everyday life or being on vacation. You may follow the steps below to ensure safety from such threats.

1. Avoid using the Wi-Fi and USB charging stations onboard a cruise

There are multiple public places, including cruises which offer you free Wi-Fi. However, these networks are most vulnerable to hackers. These networks in foreign establishments may even be unsafe as these may be set-ups for mining data. Even USB ports may be tampered with to steal information from unsuspecting tourists.

If you must use Wi-Fi networks on board a cruise, use password-protected networks. Even in cases where you need to use the USB port for charging, make sure you are using a USB data blocker. It is safer to use your cellular data while cruising. These data plans, though expensive, can be availed of prioritising your safety.

2. Update your device before boarding a cruise

Before boarding a cruise, update your devices' software and applications on your PC, including the anti-virus system. You may even consider removing private or sensitive data from your devices if possible. Move these sensitive pieces of information to password-protected cloud storage or a hard drive and leave these safe at home.

Use different passwords for all your password-protected websites and accounts. Make necessary changes, and you may even enable two-factor identification for your bank and social media accounts before boarding a cruise. Avoid logging in to password-protected websites if possible.

3. Get a Virtual Private Network (VPN) subscription

If, in cases, you need to connect to a public Wi-Fi network, make sure you have a subscription to virtual private network (VPN) services. This will protect you from your activities being spied upon. Some cruise lines, however, do not allow the use of VPNs.

You need to be mindful of the fact that monthly VPN subscriptions will benefit those who travel frequently. It is necessary to ensure that whichever VPN service you choose offers you strong privacy terms and does not keep a log of your VPN use and which sites you visit in-store.

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4. Get yourself a loaner laptop or a burner phone

It is an expensive approach and is necessary only when you are travelling to some particular destinations. In these cases, you are more so vulnerable to data and device theft.

You may avoid carrying your personal computer or phone and opt for a loaner laptop and a burner phone that does not contain your personal information. This way, you enjoy a stress-free voyage without worrying about your personal data being misused or stolen.

5. Use Radio-Frequency Identification protectors

Electronic devices you carry on board a cruise are not only the ones making you vulnerable to the theft of your personal information. Hackers can even target your passport and credit cards, and misuse the information from these.

Attackers may even carry rouge sensors and mine your data as you pass through a crowded cruise terminal. Therefore, it is necessary to use Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) protectors, which keep your information safe and secure.

Take away

Some more pointers that you may find helpful in determining whether your personal information stays safe and secured may include notifying your bank beforehand about your cruise journey. This may ensure unusual disruption of services that your bank has to offer.

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