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What is the best month to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia?

Are you confused about which month to visit Dubrovnik? Click here to learn about the best time to explore this city on a cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Situated on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, Dubrovnik beholds a quintessential Mediterranean climate that involves hot and dry summers and cool and wet winters. High summer visits on a cruise to Dubrovnik involve festivals, whereas the shoulder season includes calmer beaches. In winter, you may have the city to yourself with less frequented surroundings. Keep reading to learn in detail.

What is the best month to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia?

This place is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia with a timeless feel. Having withstood earthquakes and sieges, it houses marble flagstones and rugged walls. A month-wise summary appears below which may help you decide the best-suited time for you to visit this place.

1. April to May in Dubrovnik

Usually, the weather is warm with instances of rain. It is a pleasant experience of rain and shine involving the month of April. This place abounds in restaurants, hotels, and bars which are highly frequented at this time. This month of April even involves Dubrovnik Musical Spring which begins in mid-April and continues till the early weeks of June.

The end week of May is ideal to visit Dubrovnik when the weather is stable enough. You can expect an average of 9 rainy days this month. The average sea temperature happens to be cold enough to swim.    

2. June to August in Dubrovnik

In June, there is much improvement witnessed in the weather condition of Dubrovnik and it is stable enough. The estimate of an average number of rainy days drops to 7 days during the month. This stable weather condition enables you to take part in activities such as swimming, flyboarding, kayaking, and the like.

In July, the weather is hot and dry, and it is the peak season for visitors. It is usually crowded and the prices of everything are skyrocketing. Usually, five cruise ships sail into Dubrovnik every day bringing in about 10,000 people a day.

It is pretty hot and dry during August. The town, however, buzzes with people, restaurants, and bars are jammed and beaches are active and full. Furthermore, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival offers you an experience like none other with its programs of classical music, theatre dance, and performances all across the open air-venues of the town.        

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3. September to October in Dubrovnik

There is a drop in the density of crowds frequenting the place than in the months June-August. Unlike earlier summer days with scorching heat, the weather is rather warm and dry. The sea temperature is suitable enough to go for a swim in the Adriatic. Other activities include being a part of the International Late Summer Music Festival that lasts all of September. 

Prices of accommodation drop to some extent and keep decreasing after the first week of September. Six cruise ships bring in a total number of 1,30,000 passengers in September. These cruises may include Royal Caribbean International Cruises, Princess Cruises, etc.

In October, there is a substantial drop in sea activities, given the tranquil weather condition. This time of the year is however great for exploring the town and its surroundings. You can avail of day trips, which include visits to Korcula, Mostar, Montenegro, etc. Furthermore, it is an ideal time to go cycling over and across the town.

4. November to April in Dubrovnik

Starting the month of November, the frequencies of cruise ships drop to 1 ship a day and even may not be available every day. Main attractions at this time of the year include activities like exploring the town museums and the like. Most hotels and restaurants, however, stay closed during this month.

December, however, gives way to culture and Christmas festivity. The town lights up and Christmas fairs take over the city. You can even go on guided walking tours, especially set on Saturdays and a folk performance may follow. All festivities during the time are fanciable including discounts on purchases.  

These 6 months include an average of 10-16 days of rainfall every month. Following the low seasons post-Christmas, shelter gets scarce and most of the tourist attractions stay closed in the winter.

Take away

The best time to visit Dubrovnik's old town is the months of March through October. You may even go for a winter visit which may include strolls through the old town in the late mornings or early afternoons. Furthermore, the best time to visit Dubrovnik city walls includes the months of April through September during early mornings or late afternoons.

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