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Where do cruises depart from in Barcelona?

Learn where cruises depart from Barcelona in this article if you would like to know where to find them.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Barcelona is Europe's busiest cruise ship port, with over 2.5 million cruise ship passengers passing through each year. Fortunately, there are several transportation alternatives available to rapidly get you from your ship to the city centre. Which form of transportation you pick will be determined by where your ship lands, what you intend to see and do, and your budget. 

Where do cruises depart from in Barcelona?

This article describes the various transportation options available and offers useful information to help you make the most of your time in this wonderful city.

Barcelona's Cruise Ship Terminals' Location

Barcelona's cruise port consists of six terminals at the end of the city's iconic Ramblas street. Two of the cruise ship piers are located on the Moll de Barcelona Wharf, adjacent to the World Trade Centre, and are easily accessible by foot from La Rambla and the neighboring Drassanes metro stop (metro line L3).

The North and South terminals of the World Trade Centre are utilized by smaller cruise vessels. Larger ships land at the quay terminals at Moll Adossat (Terminals A, B, C, and D). Terminal D is the most remote of the four quays, located around four and a half kilometers from La Rambla as well as the Columbus Monument. Finally, the Moll de Sant Bertran ferry station serves Spain, Morocco, Italy, and the Balearic Islands.

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Names and locations of cruise terminals

The Barcelona port has 9 terminals in total; 7 of which are cruise ports. They are basically divided into three major places.

Terminals A, B, C, D, and E are located near Adossat Quay and are the farthest from the city center. Terminal D is also known as Palacruceros.

Terminals at the World Trade Center

The World Trade Centre (WTC) pier has two terminals known as the North and South terminals.

Sant Bertrand Terminal is also close to the World Trade Center (refer to our cruise terminal map). Ferries connecting Barcelona, as well as the Balearic Islands, typically utilize this terminal.

Taxi from the Cruise Ship Terminals

There are taxi ranks close to each cruise terminal, and you can be sure that when your cruise ship arrives, there will be a big queue of taxis waiting for you.

A cab from your cruise ship to the city center will cost you roughly €15, depending on which terminal your ship lands at and where you wish to travel in the city center.

All taxis in Barcelona are metered; a €3.10 extra for a cruise dock pick-up is applied to the charge displayed on the meter at the end of the route. There may be an extra fee if you have a lot of luggage.

On one of the rear windows of the characteristic yellow and black taxis is a sticker with the prices.

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By Bus from the Cruise Ship Terminals

The Cruise Bus (also known as the Portbus) is a shuttle service that operates between the cruise ship docks at Moll Adossat and the Columbus Monument at the end of the Ramblas.

The ticket is €3 one way or €4 round trip, payable in cash on the vehicle (coins or small value notes only).

There is no regular schedule for the buses. Instead, they are timed to coincide with the ship's arrival and departure.

When guests disembark from the ships in the morning, buses leave every few minutes.


La Rambla's closest cruise terminal is roughly a 15-minute walk away. However, there are seven cruise terminals, and if you arrive at one that is farthest from La Rambla, you will need to take a shuttle bus called the Cruise Bus (details below) to Mirador de Colom (The Memorial to Christopher Columbus).

If you arrive at cruise terminals A, B, C, or D (Adossat Quay), it is not suggested to go to the city center because it is a long (2 km) walk from the port to the Columbus Monument at the foot of La Rambla.

Parking at the Barcelona Cruise Port

The World Trade Center Barcelona and Terminal E have long parking. Both locations feature round-the-clock security. Terminal E is located outside, but The World Trade Center lot is located indoors and has optional car-washing facilities. Please keep in mind that parking here will still necessitate riding the cruise bus to Terminals A, B, C, D, and E. Parking at the World Trade Center in Barcelona and Terminal E may be reserved in advance. Your cruise tickets will have the pier address for your ship and departure date.

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