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What are the Best Beaches to Visit in Barcelona, Spain?

Barcelona is home to an array of beautiful beaches; however, some beaches are total show stealers. Find out the Top beaches in Barcelona that you must visit.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Barcelona happens to be a popular destination for many travelers planning a cruising expedition. This city houses a plethora of tourist attractions that are sure to mesmerize people. One such attraction is the pristine and velvety beaches, attracting people from all across the globe. Barcelona is located in the Western Mediterranean region of Europe. Read on to learn about some popular beaches in Barcelona and the activities and amenities present here.

List of 15 Best Beaches in Barcelona

Following are some of the exotic beaches of Barcelona that are a must-explore when traveling around the city:

1. Barceloneta Beach

Helicopter view of Barcelona Beach

Photo by bearfotos at Freepik

Barceloneta Beach is one of the most popular beaches due to its centralized location and vibrant atmosphere, attracting a buzz of people. There are numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants to add to the fun of visitors on this beach. Additionally, it offers an array of entertainment, such as drum players and artists, as well as beach parties. Due to its close proximity to the metro station, it is easier to commute to the location of this beach. Barceloneta Beach is ideal for people looking for sunbathing and exciting water sports.

2. Bogatell Beach

The beach of El Borrell in Barcelona, Spain

Photo by MariaiC at Depositphotos

This is a Blue Flag beach that is highly popular among tourists as well as residents due to its cleanliness, wide, serene shoreline, volleyball courts, and ping pong tables. Here, you can experience a relaxed atmosphere and end up spending quality time with your family. The amenities present on this beach will keep your family engaged, filling your vacation days with fun. It is located close to the city, making it easy for you to visit the beach. Sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts can enjoy immensely on this beach.

3. Mar Bella Beach

The Marbella beach and stormy sea are seen in a panoramic view

Photo by marazemgaliete at Freepik

Mar Bella Beach is one of the choicest places for nature lovers where they can take a stroll at any time of their day. People can get numerous amenities on this beach, such as a cloakroom, adapted showers, restaurants, drinks and ice cream kiosks, and more. Moreover, there are numerous surf schools by this beautiful beach where interested people can learn and excel at surfing. Beginners can get two-hour, one-on-one sessions to get introduced to surfing. It is a perfect destination for surfers, sports lovers, and sun-worshippers.

4. Ocata Beach

Sand beach in tossa

Photo by bearfotos at Freepik

This is one of the best beaches near Barcelona, situated at a mere distance of 30 minutes from the hustle of the city. You can easily take a train from Barcelona city to reach this beach. The serene beach atmosphere, along with its tranquil setting, is sure to provide much-needed relaxation on this beach. Additionally, there are numerous shops and restaurants around the beach where you can spend quality time. People looking for serenity and who love watching the sunset must visit this beach.

5. Sant Sebastià Beach

Aerial view of La Concha Beach in San Sebastian Basque country, Spain

Photo by nio20022002 at Freepik

This is one of the oldest, longest and most traditional beaches of Barcelona that is frequently visited by tourists from abroad as well. It offers various facilities so that people with various interests can find their visit to the beach enjoyable. There are wooden footbridges that help you reach as close to the water as possible. Additionally, you can find various sports clubs to experience nautical activities as well as hike to the top of Montjuïc Mountain. People looking for relaxing holidays and water sports enthusiasts can enjoy a lot here.

6. Canet Beach

The Canet de Benguer beach is located in Valencia, Spain

Photo by lunamarina at Freepik

The beautiful town of Canet de Mar hosts the most beautiful and pristine Canet beach, known for its velvety soft sand and ample bathing space. On this beach, you can get showers, public bathrooms, and a selection of bars and restaurants where you can get authentic Barcelona food. Moreover, you can witness the 11th-century castle's extraordinary architecture that is sure to leave you awe-struck. This beach is mostly preferred by locals for taking baths and spending quality time with family.

7. Nova Icària Beach

The beach at Barcelona's nova icaria or barceloneta at sunset

Photo by frimufilms at Freepik

This sandy beach is situated at the southernmost tip of Barcelona city which happens to be a favorite spot for families who settled there. The calm and serene atmosphere of the beach is sure to compel people to spend quality time on this beach. Furthermore, you can experience some enthralling water sports on this beach, such as parasailing, jet-skiing, flyboarding, speedboat tours, and a lot more. Tourists and residents looking for a peaceful atmosphere must visit this beach for fun.

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8. Llarga Beach

Beach in Salaou Tarragona with a long stretch of sand

Photo by lunamarina at Freepik

Llarga Beach is one of the most splendid shorelines located in the south of Barcelona and has gained immense popularity among tourists as well as locals. The primary reasons behind its fame are the scattered palm trees, grassy dunes, and a fresh scent of pine wafting, rejuvenating both body and mind. You can take a refreshing bath, take a walk on the beach, enjoy food at local eateries, and experience a lot more.

9. Sant Miquel Beach

In Spain, Port San Miguel Beach is located on the island of Ibiza

Photo by mianthebrand24 at Freepik

Home to the iconic 33-foot sculpture by German artist Rebecca Horn, this beach has acquired a notable position in the list of best beaches in Barcelona. You can get various facilities at this beach, such as drinks and ice cream kiosks, lifeguard and safety assistance, restaurants, Wi-Fi, and more. Also, there are changing rooms and wheelchair assistance for people so that everyone can spend a cozy and comfortable time on the beach with their loved ones.

10. Cala Bona Beach

The cala bona beach of Mallorca is called Son Servera

Photo by lunamarina at Freepik

This exotic beach is located an hour’s drive from the beautiful city of Barcelona. Unlike other beaches in the city, it is a quaint cove located between unique rock formations on the Costa Brava. The golden yellow sand, clear sea, and scenic beauty all draw people to this beach for a weekend getaway. To make your holidays more exciting, you can also go for various water sports, making your vacation days more exciting.

11. Somorrostro Beach

The beach of Somorrostro in Barcelona, Spain

Photo by bearfotos at Freepik

If you are seeking a beach party vibe, Somorrostro Beach happens to be a perfect destination. It offers you numerous water sports activities that fill your trip with excitement. Moreover, you can explore some exotic restaurants and bars to spend a good time with your loved ones. There are a lot of amenities available on this beach so that every visitor can enjoy their visit.

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12. Platja d’Empúries

A beach in Tarragona called Platja Larga Salou

Photo by lunamarina at Freepik

Platja d’Empúries is one of the most beautiful beaches of Barcelona that has gained popularity due to its calm weather, less crowd, emerald-green pine forest, fawn-hued sand, and more. It is about 85 km from Barcelona, situated in the Catalan town of Sant Martí d’Empúries, serving as a perfect day trip destination. Surrounding the beach, there are several tourist spots that encourage you to take a small 10-minute walk.

13. Llevant Beach

A view of the Levant beach in Salou, Spain.

Photo by sergeychuyko at Freepik

If you are a proud pet owner and have brought your dog on the trip, this beach is a must-explore. This beach is open for dogs so that both you and your pet enjoy it to the fullest. The serenity of the coastline is one of the most alluring attributes of this beach. Moreover, there are various restaurants, bars, and other facilities to keep the visitors entertained and spend quality time here.

14. Zona de Banys del Fòrum

Donostia san sebastian city beach in northern Spain's Basque Country

Photo by saiko3p at Freepik

This beach is designed in a way that even people with minor disabilities can enjoy. There are designated bathing areas on this beach where people must be extremely careful due to its unconventional nature. You should note different warning signs present and strictly abide by those. Also, these beaches house colonies of sea urchins. So, you must wear footwear to stay safe from injury.

15. Castelldefels Beach

Barcelona's beach promenade at Castelldefels

Photo by apavlin at Freepik

This is a dreamy, broad, continuous stretch of sand where you can spend quality time with your favorite people. Moreover, you can even take your pet for a walk on this beach. This beautiful coastline is about 11 miles to the south of Barcelona, so you can take a train to reach your destination in just 25 minutes.

Usually, entry to the Barcelona beaches is free of cost. However, you will need to pay extra if you are looking forward to trying out some activities.

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Exciting Things to Do at Beaches in Barcelona, Spain

Here are some exciting activities that are a must-try when visiting the beaches of Barcelona:

Try Paddle Surf

If you are keen on having the best experience when visiting the Barcelona beaches, trying out paddle surfing is mandatory. Although it appears to be one of the most laid-back approaches to enjoying the waves, you are sure to enjoy this activity. There are surf schools near many of these beaches where you can learn to surf so you can enjoy the seas.

Attend Beach Festivals

Beach festivals are one of the main attractions of the beaches of Barcelona. The neon lights, bonfires, loud music, food, drinks, dance, and outdoor concert set your mood for the party and are sure to leave you in a trance. So, make sure to witness a beach party whenever you plan a trip to this beautiful city.

Visit Beach-Side Bars

The pristine beaches of Barcelona are lined with numerous bars where you are sure to find the drinks of your choice. You can opt for sunbathing on the Barcelona beach while having a chilled beer. Moreover, you can also hang out with your friends in these clubs at night to enjoy the parties.

Go for Yoga on the Beach

If you are a fitness enthusiast and hate missing out on your daily morning yoga sessions, make sure to practice them on the beach. Undoubtedly, yoga offers numerous physical, mental, and spiritual benefits to individuals. Also, listening to some soothing music when practicing yoga ensures a great start for the day.

Try to Witness Sunrise

Since Barcelona is present on the east coast, sunsets are not a popular sight for tourists to witness. However, it is compensated with the mesmerizing view of the truly sensational sunrises. So, during your trip, try to wake up early at least one day and head for the beach to get a view of this amazing sight.

Try out Exciting Water Sports

Barcelona beaches offer you the opportunity to explore adventurous water sports. These include jet skiing, parasailing, flyboard, banana boat, sailing tours, snorkeling, and more. When you are on the beaches of Barcelona, it becomes a must to try out some of these sports to add to the adventure.

Take Your Pets for a Walk

If you have taken your pets for a holiday and are looking for more opportunities to spend additional time on the sand, take them for a walk on the beach. Your pets are sure to enjoy these walks on the beach. However, you should abide by some of the strict rules on these beaches so that you do not land in any trouble.

Experience the NightLife

When at Barcelona beach, you should know that the party does not have to end when the sun goes down. Rather, the party usually begins around that time. The clubs, bars, and restaurants usually stay open till 2 o'clock in the morning, so you can attend beachside dinner parties, cocktail parties, and more. You can find food, drinks, and loud music to enjoy your visit to these beaches.

Apart from these activities, there are several amenities available on these beaches that make your visit to Barcelona beaches exciting.

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Facilities and Amenities Available at Beaches in Barcelona Spain

Some of the exclusive facilities available at Barcelona beaches include:

Even though there are several amenities present on these beaches, you must keep in mind certain safety tips to ensure that you stay safe when having fun.

Expert-Approved Tips for Maximum Safety at Barcelona Beach

Here are some expert-approved tips that can help you make the most out of your trip to Barcelona:


Visiting these beaches in Barcelona and taking part in the activities is sure to make your cruising expedition more adventurous. While cruise expeditions are generally considered to be expensive, you can opt for a discount offer. For maximum discounts on your trip, make bookings via This not only ensures a hassle-free purchase of tickets but also offers you a plethora of cruise options. Based on your budget and other preferences, you can choose the right cruise to make the most out of your trip.

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