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Best Things To Do With Kids In Barcelona

Here are the best things to do with kids in Barcelona, making it a perfect choice for family trips.

By Cruise Booking Team

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When it comes to family trips, mainly confusion arises about whether the kids will like the place? Is it kid-friendly?

Barcelona is a family-friendly destination. This city welcomes everyone wholeheartedly. Here you will find many kids-attractive places, rental apartments, and family-friendly hotels which appeal to tourist attractions. The locals are warm-hearted and create a joyful and shielded atmosphere for visitors. The city is easy to go around and has a well-connected transport network. Bus, train, and metro are available and provide excellent navigation throughout the journey.

The city was designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. Here you can see some of his major work, including Sagrada Familia. The polished architect offers a phenomenal experience to travelers. For the first day, we would recommend you to start with parks. Here playground is visible within every block. The park is well-constructed to please kids. Most of the parks also have cafés and restaurants nearby. Thus, you can enjoy a snack after playtime.

Below you can find the guide on the best things to do with kids in Barcelona.

5 Best things to do in Barcelona with kids

1. Dip in the beaches

Beaches are the main attraction of Barcelona. The beaches remain mostly crowded with locals and tourists. Kids are seen here building sandcastles and learning to swim from their parents. It is a great place to chill with the family. Some of the most visited beaches in Barcelona are Barceloneta, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella, and Bogatell Beach.

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2. Fun ride at Amusement Park

It is another fun thing to do in Barcelona with kids. Tibidabo Amusement Park offers a part-time for kids. The amusement park is open to all age groups. Along with the kids, you too can take a roller coaster, carousel, and Ferris wheel ride. Don't forget to save your old friends' numbers on your phone because this ride will bring back much sweet nostalgia of childhood. The rides are styled in vintage design, adding additional charm to the environment.

3. Experience the magic of Magic Fountain

This iconic sight of Barcelona is going to capture your heart. As the name suggests, it is a Magic Fountain producing 7 billion light and water combinations. Watching the plums of water lit up in kaleidoscopic colors is a treat to the eyes. You can see the water lit up in the classic and pop soundtrack. To have this extraordinary experience, you just need to take a metro ride to Placa Espanya & it's free to attend.

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4. It's crunch time

Tapas is a famous Spanish dish commonly found on every Barcelona street. Other kid-time snacks include Spanish tortillas and Pan con Tomate. You can wind up the crunch time with lip-smacking ice cream.

5. Exhibition at Caixa Forum

It is a great place to introduce kids to creativity and technology. Caixa forum often organizes interactive exhibitions of nature and technology highly enjoyed by kids.

Final Thoughts

This guide is just a road map for your visit too Barcelona. There are many other interesting kid-friendly things to do in Barcelona. Wishing you & your family a happy journey to Barcelona!

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